Zombie Attack Warning--has this guy been reading our posts?

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In the survival section there is a thread about zombie attack preparedness. Here's a guy who took his concerns to the city council:

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Maybe he's been browsing usacarry?? :)

Brilliant. I would have loved to have been there.

But come on, everybody knows that a good semi automatic rifle on single shot and a machete is all you need to fend off zombies.
This book tells you everything you need to know during a Zombie attack. :)

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If you haven't read the book or even just looked at it at your local bookstore, I suggest you take a minute or two to at least thumb through it. It reads like a REAL survival guide which makes it that much more fun!
OK,OK I have just one question............. There is Pepper spray, is there Zombie sparay? if so where do I order it, want to be prepared............
That's awesome! :y: I could follow that up with, "I respectfully disagree with the former speaker's statement...the real threat comes from VAMPIRES!" :hilarious:

Well, I think that calls for an anti-zombie resolution...no zombies within 100 feet of a school, pool, or a cool mule. The outlaw zombies will surely comply.

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