Zombie attack preparadness


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mass quantities of lead (be it 12 gauge, 45, 40. many 9mm, or even multiple 5.7mm buzz-sawing through their brians) works great for MZBs (Mutant Zombie Bikers) the only kind of real zombie threat.


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He that has no Harley sell his clothing and get one.The democrats will make the zombies look like puppy dogs.


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That's rediculous. Vampires aren't real, they are just another invention of hollywood to sell horror movies.
Now zombies on the other hand, are the real danger to worry about. It's not a matter of if, but when they attack. I just hope to have enough warning to get to my secret location in the mountains that I've planned out, before getting overwhelmed on the highway.
I need to get me a couple handgrenades or some C4 in case I get overrun.


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I'm not doubting the realism of a zombie attack one day. In fact I am waiting for the day to come.
I was just stating that the concept of vampires are rediculous. This was a zombie preparedness thread, and people mentioned vampires and werewolves. That seemed to turn it into a fantasy discusion.
With all the biological warfare, and new designer viruses, I honestly would not be suprised if a 'zombie' plague was unleashed on the world.
My friends and I have allready discussed the evacuation proceedure, and we have a place to meet up in the mountains to ride out the infestation.
Call me crazy, maybe I watch too many zombie movies, but I really think it is feasable to have such an attack.


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A local gunstore near home has a letterboard up outside saying something about stocking up for the zombie attack.
My buddies and I have thought up what we'd do if there was a zombie attack, machine/robot insurrection, or if the commies invaded... Since I'm the only one w/ a Jeep and an AR the first phase of their plan is usually getting in touch w/ me. :icon_wink:


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You know

something I haven't heard mention of in oh about 20 years? Primacord. Do they still make the stuff? It was used in the 60's for engineering obstacle removals like unstable slopes, inconvenient trees and occasional construction demolition. I never see or hear of it anymore.

Although deep ditches, tall fences, plenty of ammo and plentiful food/water supplies are all standard zombie equipment, I am still thinking about my preferred anti-zombie weapon of choice - fire. Sooner or later, you run out of gasoline and wood. I sure won't waste the JD or Southern Comfort on them with molotovs, so what happens when you meet a zombie wearing either non-combustibles or no clothing at all? :huh:


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If he is charging take away his credit card.if he is paying cash play zombie. if nothing else works ,high o silver away with vapor trail.


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Our leaders in D.C. appear to be a hybird. They are brain dead like a zombie but they are sucking the blood out of us like a vampire.

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