Zecop: Freeware Computer theft retrieval program.


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Not for a CC gun site U say, well U happen to access USA Carry thru a computer, so let's say someone steals it, and you want to get it back or post something, SOL is your plight! This freeware program will do just that the moment the thief plugs it in, goes online and an e-mail will be auto-sent to an e-mail address U input during install, with your computer's serial number will be sent to someone U chose to get that e-mail, won't B U with no computer so inputting yours unless you have 2 computers or access from a distant terminal to your e-mail account is not the best 1st choice, but a trusted M8's e-mail addy works fine.
It sends the I.P. address of the exact location of your MIA computer, the server it is now hooked up to and the way it installs it's hard to even know it's installed unless U go pulling-up the Start menu all the way at the bottom is a link to Zecop and nothing else. Doesn't even say what it does. I loaded it on my main Hewlett Packard 1st, then I loaded it on my Dell lap-top, the moment I checked my HP an e-mail told me that a Dell computer at the I.P. address assigned that networked computer went online, sent me all my server details, the Dell serial #, and advised me to forward that e-mail to the local LEO's if my computer had gone missing. It's a 841kb install file that is bug-free, and it works, proved it on installing it onto my 2nd computer today.
ZeCop v1.0 : Theft assistance tool requires:
.NET framework 2.0)
Supported operating systems :
Windows® 2000 Windows® XP Home, Professional
Windows® Vista™ Home, Business, Ultimate
Download Zecop.exe here:
This has nothing to do with guns, but it is a pretty good way to get a bit of equipment back loaded with ALL your personal data and probably worth more than your guns, or if your credit is compromised, maybe even your entire nest-egg. Menus are in English and French, sorry but I didn't design it, just posting where to get it & what it does for free and very well!
I feel safe knowing that with ZeCop v1.0 on all my computers the moment one gets jacked I just wait for an e-mail inbound e-mail telling me and the cops where to find it fast. Most perps will go online within a day (B 4 they know U will close credit-card acts, and that takes U time), so it's only good while it's still fresh & hot to see what they can steal so expect a prompt response, unless your thief is a cyber-guru and deletes the C-drive before going online. No good as that wipes out the data they want most. Odds on it's in a local hock-shop, or better yet at their homes and with serial #'s matching a LEO will be happy to go get it, grab the CC tapes and get a mug-shot :punker: of the whole transaction.
Just another bit of useful free software to have on any computer you would like to get back ASAP if it gets stolen, and this program does just that. Hope it helps add to your layered security around a computer that ET-calls home to narc-out the perp who stole it right as he/she is busy online ordering-up a storm on your accounts/gutting 'em.
The LoJack car security system for your computers!

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It's probably good to have that just in case, but chances are that if someone steals your machine, and they don't wind up breaking it first, they're probably just going to sell it to someone who will power it up, wipe the HD and sell it to the next person that walks in the door. It's unlikely they would hook it up to the internet until after the format, at which point the recovery program would be long gone. There's always the chance a particularly dumb criminal might steal your computer and actually go home and use it, though...you never know.

There's a couple of lojack-like devices out there for computers (or anything you want to put it on, probably). Use one of those, and you'll know the minute it starts walking away from you.

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