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Which bag do you use at the range and what do you carry in it (other than your firearm)? Got any pictures?

I actually own a Link Removed but because of were I live I decided to go with a bag that was a bit more discreet (didn't yell "hey look I have a gun in here") . I ended up using a very "non gun" looking marmot messenger bag (not a military style one either). This thing holds a TON of stuff: pistol, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection, gloves, flash light, cleaning kit, notepad & pencils, water bottle, snacks, etc. with room to spare. I'm also planning to add a first aid kit to it. I have kept my bailout bag, which is a great bag, but now use it as a home defense bag.

what do you all think of using a Link Removed for carrying loose ammo in your range bag?

I use a small gym bag. It has three outside pockets in addition to the main bag. I generally carry my two carry weapons and either my ruger 10/22 or ar15 (depending on how much I feel like spending on ammo) when I go to the range. There is plenty of room in the bag for all both pistols, ammo and all my safety gear. I also carry a small tool kit and a first aid kit just in case. I like this bag cause it just looks like I'm off to the gym and it was very inexpensive and if I every get back to going to the gym I'm covered there too.
We have a gym bag for our ammo and I personally only use an NRA bag that I do not take out of the car until we reached the range so no worries about publishing it or shouting "I got a gun or two..." When we go to the range, we go to the range and back, no stopping anywhere else. No need to take it out either if have to make a sudden stop. When we go to the range, we usually carry two handguns each and some rifles.

But then, that was in the past. We have no more guns since our boat accident...
OK.... You can't leave me hanging.... What does a boat accident have to do with no more guns....
I use a tool bag (Husky), Has pockets inside and out. Works pretty good even though I want a bigger one.
I carry a maxpedition multi purpose bag (mpb). I love it. It holds my saiga 20 drum, Glock 17, 36 several mags for each, two sets of eyes and ears, camera, iPod, range pass, laser sight, bore sight, targets, sharpies, a set of Allen wrenches and a leatherman. My mpb is my favorite range bag ever. It has still has unused pockets. I cannot think of a better bag to use.
For my ammo I use this:

15" Canvas Tool Bag

Inside that bag I keep this for spent casings:

11" Tool Bag

As far as range bag, they used to sell a large masons type bag for about $18, can't find it on the site but may still be in the store. That bag can hold about 10 pistols in gun rugs with no problem!
I use a Beretta pistol bag. It holds 2-3 guns, ammo, pasties, eye and hearing protection as well as some tools.
It doesn't matter what your bag looks like, as long as it's heavy enough that the handles don't rip off when you have a heavy load, and protect what's inside. I bought a 5 piece Dewalt tool set, and after putting the tools up in my shop, I looked at the bags, one is about 36" and the other about 16". They are the best range bags I've ever had. Sometimes I only need one, and sometimes both.
this is a BAD thread for me, lost count of how many range bags I own. I keep a large range bag in the back of my vehicle full of back up gear. Just In case somene forgets eye, ear, and a first aide kit that I hope never leave the bag. Most of the time I use the small NRA bag, Beside the guns I'm taking that day I care a mini first aide kit, hand cleaner, stapler, wood dowel, knife, screw driver and Allen wrenches, guns and ammo.
I use a Ryobi tool bag that came with my router. I don't carry any firearms in it. They travel in a separate case. The bag contains ammo, mags, various tools (allen wrenches, mini screwdrivers, etc.), a small can of Rem-oil, extra earplugs and eye protection, a couple of small rags, Shoot-N-C targets (6 or 8"), sight adjustment tools for my AKs and AR, a pair of binoculars for use at the outdoor range, and a copy of "Shooting For Dummies". Oh, and duct tape. That's about it.
I use an old Photography Camera bag, works great for carrying my ammo, targets, ear/eye protection and my guns, think I paid 50 bucks new, used it for my cameras for a year until I bought a different one. My shooting buddy found one almost like mine for 5 buck at a garage sale....
5.11 range bag with the following:
Index cards (3x5 and 5x8) and paper plates for targets
Eyes and ears, and a second pair for guests
Small tool box with multi tool, screw driver and gun grease
Microfiber towel
Notepad and pen
Monocular for spotting on outdoor targets
Spare batteries for electronic ears
I use an Uncle Mikes range bag, I typically bring 2 guns, 1 in it's case, 1 in the double padded pocket. My earmuffs, glasses, OWB holster and some small targets. As far as not screaming guns in a bag, I doubt anybody the doesn't own guns knows about Uncle Mikes.

Stock photo of my bag I grabbed off GoogleLink Removed

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