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Attorney says officer doesn't recall shooting truck driver

The Associated Press

A Kansas City police officer was suffering a diabetes-related reaction when he apparently shot a truck driver at a convenience store, the officer's attorney said Wednesday.

The officer, who has not been identified by the Police Department, doesn't remember shooting anyone on Monday night, attorney John P. O'Connor said.

"It's obvious to me there was no intent on his part to hurt anyone," O'Connor said.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. Monday after the officer, in street clothes, asked a uniformed officer to give him a ride to the QuikTrip to get something to drink, police spokesman Capt. Rich Lockhart said.

O'Connor said the officer was beginning to feel a diabetic reaction coming on and wanted to get something to eat or drink.

The uniformed officer went into the store, then heard gunshots outside. When she came out, a truck driver said he had just been shot by a man in "business clothes."

The shooting victim, who also has not been identified, did not suffer life-threatening wounds. The officer has been put on paid administrative leave while the incident is being investigated.

Police declined to comment on what type of medical condition the officer had, citing privacy rules.

The 27-year-old officer typically works as a patrol officer in a different division, but was helping homicide detectives who were working nearby Monday night, police and O'Connor said.

O'Connor said the officer has cooperated with the investigation by providing the department with access to his medical records. He said he advised his client not to give a formal statement.

Lockhart said investigators anticipate a three-to-four-week investigation before the case is presented to the prosecutor for review. The prosecutor's office could make a decision or have a grand jury review the case.


Off medication? There is no excuse if he knew.
Definitely does not need to be in police work.
If he knew enough to need something to eat or drink then he is in deep trouble.

If a regular citizen had done this we would be behind bars, charged with murder.

This just does not have a good sound to it.
The problem was probably his medication

I'm a recently diagnose type 2 diabetic and what happened to the officer was he was having a hypoglycemic episode. That means his blood sugar was below 67 (for me, I start to feel it at 65) and if you don't get some simple sugar FAST - like 100% juice, you can pass out and go into a diabetic coma.
You get weak, sweaty and very shaky! You feel like you're going to drop at any moment. There are a few ways a diabetic can get to that condition, by taking too much insulin/medication or by not having any food intake for many hours or both. When I have to take medicine to lower my blood sugar, I have to be right on top of my condition (especially driving) otherwise you can 'bottom out' and be in real trouble. It's not uncommon for diabetics to have several auto accidents because of this. I always carry a diabetic kit that has my meter, medication to lower my blood sugar and juice drinks and other carbs to bring my back in a heartbeat. It's scary and my doctor prescribed to me medication twice a day - NO WAY! I had two incidents before I realized the best way to handle my medication was for me to regulate it. And you're right - and other citizen would have been thrown in jail and victimized by the system! Diabetics need to know their condition completely and how to handle it appropriately.

Glad the victim wasn't wounded seriously.

Glad I'm not one of the folks trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Shouldn’t this be in the bash a stupid cop section?

I’ll have to remember this excuse next time I shoot someone, seems like a get out of jail free card out of a kids game.

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