Your first gun ever.......

My first gun was a 28gauge single barrel shot gun.
My dad bought it for me so I could go hunting with him.
Before my divorce frommy first husband, there was an auction, he put my gun and ammo in the auction. I never knew it until I saw some one carrying my gun. I was furious, because that was the only memory left.:cray:

dad gave me a mossberg 410 bolt action single shot when i was 10 yrs. old. he sold it long ago to pay for a deer rifle. but that never happened.
Ithica Saddle Gun Single Shot 22, Got it for a birthday present when I was 6, Still have it, still fun to shoot it, I am 45 now.
I'm surprised that this thread has been floating around on this site for so long without me noticing it.
Anyways, my first ever firearm was a 9mm Hi Point C9 that I purchased in the summer of '04. I sold it (went through an FFL) to my neighbor after about a year after I got laid off because I needed the money. He paid $100 for it.
S&W J-frame model 36 5-shot .38 special revolver in 1976. Cost me $90 barely used (retail was something like $120). Still have it.
1971 - Marlin Glenfield bolt action .22. I'm originally from New England, wife from Texas. She started things off right.

Still have both of them.
Then Tom my hubby let me purchace my first handgun ever, a Sig Sauer 22 LR Semi Auto short barrel..

I bought it before I had my Open Heart Surgery and I have not been able to initiate it.

I will one of these days Hubby says I can learn to shoot setting down.
1962: Mossberg 620K Bolt Action Single-shot .22 with a 4x scope. A 14th birthday gift from my Dad. Lotta squirrels and woodchucks ended up regretting that gift! Long gone, but I couldn't tell you where.
S&W Model 27 .357 revolver. Bought at a gun show probably 20 years ago. Still have it. I think it's from before 1957. I was told S&W did not stamp model #s on the frame till after'57.
Old Springfield bolt-action .22 given to me by my father and yes I still have it. It was the same rifle that I taught my daughter to shoot when she turned 5
Mine was a sears .22lr rifle that I still have from my grandfather. First handgun was a Taurus .357 magnum revolver in stainless.
An old Stevens single-shot .22

And yes, I still have it to this day, though the bolt lug pin fell out and I've yet to get a new one.
Mossberg 702 plinkster .22lr. Bolt
Gun. Bought it on my 18th birthday, was all the money I had in my pocket lol
My first gun was a Daisy BB gun. My first real gun was a Brazillian made 20 gauge single shot. IIRC it was a Spesco brand. The third gun and the oldest gun that I still have is a 10/22 from the late '70s. It was the first real gun I had that wasn't a hand me down like the shotgun.
Marlin 60 model .22 cal, gifted by my father when I was a teen. My first handgun purchase was a Ruger Mark III. And it's just gotten more expensive from there. :) I've never sold a gun...
Bought a Ruger 10-22 back in '85.
Sadly I do not have it in my possession anymore, it went to the bottom of the ocean along with all the others when the boat capsized.

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