Your favorite tactical pants?


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Anyone have a preferred brand of tactical pants? Looking for something with spare mag pockets. Something like the SigTac or 5.11 pants or similar that look fine for casual wear and don't look like I just came off SWAT duty.

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Woolrich is probably the best I have come across. I wear them on the range every day. Better fabric than most. Has more pockets too.

Tactical lego!


Tactical robotic ninja dog!

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Tactical pants.

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BTW, for those who question the value of those pants, the pattern obviates the need to carry flashbangs.
5.11 Tactical

I've done pretty well with the classic 5.11 Tactical pants on a daily basis. I did order the new Covert Khaki pants that they have, looking forward to see how they fit. A lot of folks here in Hawaii think I'm a EMT with the 5.11, other places in the country folks thought I was some type of delivery guy. Only once was I mistaken for an off-duty SWAT guy. Worked out great when the lady at Jack In The Box told me she was on parole and that they were instructed to give all police officers 50% off. :) Didn't have the heart to tell her that I wasn't a cop. ;)
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I have not tried their pants but I do have a Woolrich Elite vest and it is top notch so if I were to purchase some pants I think that would be the ones I would try.
VS jeans wear columbia and versa tac all make good wear.I do like Ishi's .Nobody would ever think you were carring a gun in those pants!
I used to own several pairs of 5.11 pants, and one by one they all failed on me.

Now I own several pairs of Woolrich Elite, but I can't get any more because they screwed over their primary distributor.

I don't know what to think anymore :(
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I own a couple pairs of the 5.11 Tactical pants and I like them very well. I also like the Wrangler cargo pants that they sell at Wal-Mart. I'm looking forward to trying a pair of the Woolrich pants as well.
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I prefer Carhartt Carpenter's Pants. :D

Able to hold a J-Frame in the weakside pocket, cell phone, reloads and wallets, knives, etc without looking like I belong at the range. I fit right in at Home Depot, the place I always seem to spend my paycheck.

Hummm... somebody must make what you're looking for. Maybe Woolrich?

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I absolutely couldn't care less what people think, I love my 5.11 Tactical Britches! :D

Hey, thanks for that link! The website has a lot of items on clearance sale and being budget-minded, I'm always looking for a bargain.

BTW, I do tend to like 5.11 Tactical Pants.

I usually shop at as they have a lot of clearance sales. Here's the direct link to their closeout sale items:
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While I do like the 5.11 pants, I also like to wear tactical pants everyday (they go great with my Joseph & Feiss Stain/Wrinkle Proof dress shirts from Men's Warehouse :D), and with the large number I have, $40 each can get pricey. After searching around, I found that Propper makes a very nice pair of tactical pants that are only $30 (left handers beware, they only have a spare mag pocket for a right handed shooters off hand). They are rip-stop and stain defenders and are great alternatives for the price. I get mine from
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I seem to were out my 5.11's to fast. Have had great luck with Propper.
I should say I'm a flight mecanic so I spend all day in solvents, oils, ect. and kneeling on sharp aluminum so I put a little bit more stess on them than normal carry. All my Proppers are as sharp as new. The DuPont stain res. works. But I like the fit of my 5.11 TDU's with the dress waist the best, seems to suport my iwb holster from wandering a bit more.
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