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one of two guns...
HK USP45 with winchester pdx1 230n gr.
Baby Eagle 40 S&W with winchester sxt 180 gr.


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Kimber Compact Stainless, Galco Quick Slide OTB & 2 mag holder with travel vest or jacket.
Nearly nude carry calls for S&W AirLite PD .357 in DeSantis nylon pocket & MTM Ammo Wallet.


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Gen 4 Glock 26 with Crimson Trace Laserguard,Glock night sights,Glockworx competition spring kit,V3 race connector and a .25 cent trigger job.Carried in a Crossbreed OWB.


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In Florida it's usually shirts and shorts weather so I carry a Ruger LC9 with a light Blackhawk IWB holster and loaded with 147gr. JHP's.


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Smith 642 IWB for summer with an extra speed strip. G19 in custom snap on OWB holster in winter. Kershaw assisted folder compacy flashlight if night and small jogger mace.


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Always one of three. Usual bedside gun is a S&W 1911 FS (108282) with 230 gr winchester PDX1 bonded or if carried IWB in blade tech IWB holster. Usual carry is Rock Island 3.5 CS 1911 with 230gr PDX1 BONDED either open carried or OWB concealed, or a Ruger SP-101, .357, with winchester 158gr PDX1 in a simply rugged pancake (IWB/OWB convertible)
RIA 1911a1 "tactical" model in .45acp riding in a left handed blackhawk serpa level 2 holster. 2 spare mags, a ka-bar warthog folding knife, and a nebo pocket flashlight.

Deputy Dave

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S&W 1911PD with Crimson Trace laser grips; 4-3/4 inch barrel; .45 ACP; carried in a Crossbreed Supertuck; loaded with Hornady Critical Defense.

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