Your comments on horizontal shoulder holster

I have and use a galco shoulder rig. I like it. I am a big man (250 @5'6") My first choice is OWB @ 8:00 under light cover garment.(left handed)I hope you let us know what you finally decide.

I'm curious as to what a 'light' cover garment means- what do you do when temps hit 90+ degrees Fahrenheit?
Hawai'ian is a good way to go...

I love to wear a Hawaiian shirt (open in the front) over a solid color light T-shirt.

I have some of the "loud" prints I got in Hawai'i (go figure- who knew?), but I got some really good ones at Wal-Mart last summer. They are steel blues, pewter grays, light green, etc with very subtle palm trees that are just barely a different shade. Also, look into the 5.11 Tactical brand concealed carry shirts.
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If anyone has other ideas, I'm all ears!
I wanted to let all know the outcome of my consideration of a shoulder holster. It all started because I was considering carrying a G21 or occasionally a 1911. Both are pretty heavy and I considered a shoulder holster would be a bit easier to deal with.

A couple of things that influenced my decision were the shoulder holster, if horizontal, was pointing backwards and could be unsafe; also whether vertical or horizontal, I heard a lot of people who had worn one complain of the straps on the shoulders and "knowing the holster was always there." I guess it's like wearing suspenders: while some people like them, many do not. Additionally, one guy I spoke with mentioned that wearing a coat in Texas is a pretty short season (its around 65 degrees today).

It finally dawned on me that instead of finding the "perfect carry", I could actually carry two different guns based on the seasons. I decided to carry my G30sf and go with a Bianchi Black Widow - this is an OWB leather holster with a pretty good forward cant and very comfortable. I wear it at the 4 o'clock position under a winter vest. I also have the mag holder on the other side at 8 o'clock. The .45 is pretty much undisputed and the G30 carries 10+1, which should be enough to serve everyone that comes to the party. :biggrin: In summer I will stick with the G23 .40 with 13+1 of high performance defense ammo, and use an IWB that I am already used to. I also bought a very stiff Gould & Goodrich gun belt to wear with jeans and holds the Bianchi very well.

I thank everyone that posted to the thread. It opened up some factors I had not considered, and that is what is real good about this forum and all your comments.

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