Your CCW and Ammo Preference w/regards to Self Defense

I’m curious… what is your preferred carry weapon, and the ammo you prefer to use for self defense purposes? And, what are your reasons for using that particular ammo?


My CCW is an H&K USP 40. I use the Winchester Silvertip 155 grain jacketed hollow point (X40SWSTHP). The 40 S&W round has an established and excellent track record on the street. I use the 135-155 grain JHP load because it kicks less and has higher kinetic energy and stopping power than the 180 gr. JHP loads.

I’m curious… what is your preferred carry weapon, and the ammo you prefer to use for self defense purposes? And, what are your reasons for using that particular ammo?
Glock 23, .40 caliber, 13 +1 rounds, Winchester Bonded PDX1 -- it is highly recommended. Hubby bought it for me so I am confident he knows what it can do if I ever have to use it.
Glock 19 with 124g Speer Gold Dot +P, Durbin Leather DJ2 IWB holster. Same ammo used by LEO's in NY with proven stopping power
I've been carrying a S&W 1911PD but am considering switching to a Beretta Px4 Storm. I think it's time to go to double action (at least for that first shot) and the Storm had an excellent feel and I shot it well.
I've been carrying the Winchester 230 gr. PDX1 JHP - it's an approved FBI load and that's good enough for me.
38 J frame S & W snubbie, MAGTECH Guardian Gold 38 SPL+P 125 Gr JHP, gunshop owner recommended,
Taurus 357 mag, mdl 605, 2" snub, Hornaday 357 MAG 158 Gr XTP, JHP, also recommended by owner, if these don't do the trick I'm in trouble.:biggrin:
Usually a Glock 26 or a Sig P239 with 124gr Speer Gold Dot. In the winter I'll carry a Springfield XD-40 compact with 180 gr Remington Golden Sabres. I use that ammo based on reliability, accuracy, and penetration. I prefer the Speer ammo to the Remington, so maybe the remington will get replaced soon.
Springfield XD-40 Service with 10+1 Mag of Hornady TAP JHP 155Gr ammo, with extra mag in my pocket. I keep the lighter 155gr TAP ammo, it has great expansion with less chance of pass through. Because of where I live there is always a chance there is someone in the next room.
Kel Tech P-11 w/corbon's or a P3AT, again w/corbons.

tnrider - what the gun shop owner recommended is a good start, but since you are on the net check out some actual testing.
Same goes for the Gold Dot fans. Performance is not always as advertise.
Not trying to hijack thread just suggesting people do their research.
My ususal carry is a Kahr PM9, loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds. I like it because it functions perfectly in my weapon and is designed to penetrate clothing and other material without clogging, then expand reliably in soft tissue. Plus, the recoil is light enough to allow me to get back on target quickly.

I would never criticize anybody's choice of ammo, but I always remember what our instructor told us when I was getting my CHL five years ago -- if you use +p or +p+ ammo, make sure you can handle it. the extra power may aid penetration, but if you can't handle the recoil, who cares? Hitting the target is primary, and you have to choose the power level based on your ability to use it and get back on target quickly.
bursa thunder9pro ultra compact, d.r.t. 95gr, 1400fps. enters about 2" and creates a wound channel the size of a soccer ball,100%energy dispersion!:biggrin:

Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro Stainless (my avatar). 45ACP 10+1 of Corbon 230gr +P.

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