your belt is important


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Hi Ladies, who here does not want to wear there belt because it does not fit you as a woman

I wanted to talk about belts for women, I have struggled with a comfortable belt to fit my holster and when I bend over, the backside always stretched with my pants and left an opening so wide you could see my panties I hated it. the belts were too wide too big and they buckled in the back ( I found a solution) we all have an arch, some more than others I happen to have a profound arch, after explaining my issue to a gentleman who made belts, he suggested I have a split belt and the ends were attached by a thick metal ring (WOW) after giving him the ok to make me one I tried it on and put my gun in the holster I bend over and squat down the belt moved to my ever move without the buckling (so ladies, get yourself a belt that fits the way you move. split the belt in half and add a ring to it. :pleasantry:


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And so they did, and it was ..................... wonderful!

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