You Too Can Make the Terrorist Watchlist


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Sen. Lautenberg’s new “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009” HB 111-2159 and SB111-1317 would place unprecedented authority in the hands of the Attorney General to deny someone their Second Amendment rights without having been convicted, or even charged, with any crime. Instead, under this legislation, someone whose name is added – for whatever reason – to a terrorist watch list can suddenly find himself or herself prohibited from exercising their constitutionally-protected rights based on nothing more than suspicion.

You too can be a Rightwing Extremist and put on the Terrorist Watchlist. Here are some of the things that Homeland Security feels may indicate that you are a Rightwing Extremist:

• If you are a veteran with combat training
• If you are unhappy with the current economic or political climate
• If you believe in the US Constitution , States Rights and a limited Federal Government
• If you support the Second Amendment
• If you oppose outsourcing US jobs
• If you believe in protecting our borders
• If you believe in the sovereignty of the US
• If you oppose weapons restrictions and bans
• If you stockpile ammo or guns
• If you stockpile food and supplies
• If you use the Internet to learn about weapons and tactics
• If you use SSL or other encryption methods to communicate over the Internet

The source of this information is here.

Some of us fit all of these criteria. Most of us fit some of the criteria. I’ll bet all of us fit ONE. I fit all of these, yet I am just a proud American.

An unacceptable problem with the proposed Lautenberg legislation is that the Attorney General, and only the AT, decides who gets put on the list. He can make up any criteria for the list he wants. What happened to due process?

The other unacceptable problem with this is that you can be put on the list without even being investigated. Then once you’re on the list, there is no way to get off. The source is this Department of Justice report.

Thanks for another attack on my rights, Obama.

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