I "carry" so I DON'T have to fight. (Too old anyways!) My "Martial Arts" days are long past.

Just sayin'.



The writer of that self-serving article (I'm being kind calling it an article, more like an advertisement) sells training for a living. Hardly an objective point of view.
Sure, I can still scrap. But I don't want to anymore. It used to be fun when I was younger and mended quicker. It hurts too much anymore. Looks like I am getting old, fast.
I have a very effective tool for self defense, or should I say self preservation... My running shoes! Geet's me da hell outa dare!
I "carry" so I DON'T have to fight. (Too old anyways!) My "Martial Arts" days are long past.

Just sayin'.

Same here, to old to fight and to fat to run,very far anyhow, but I am well armed, and have taken 3 self defence combat courses, I know that may or may not mean much if TSHF, but it can't hurt
I don't want to fight leave me alone if you don't wanta 45 round in your face. take your mma shiX and go away cause even if your a black belt male 6.6 and 210 lbs with all the training you can get. if your attacked the guy attacking you is .one. armed or carzy or both. cause badguys look for weak spots. if they attack you then they have more than one of them .two. they have weapons , .three. you did not spot them. four. there is more of them than you think and the other one is behind you. or they did not know you were home and your family is up stairs asleep. so if you get taken down your wife and kids will be the targets.
so you want to try some hand to hand with more than one attacker in your home in the dark and you have nothing in your hand except your tv remote. I know it's camo painted. well i don't. I want my kst shotgun and my kimber 45 with my wife as a backup with her shotgun and her kimber 45, with my son and his 22 long rifle at the top of the stairs and my 16 year old girl in our bedroom on the phone while she is holding her 22long rifle calling the police. and the dog should be eating leg at about this time (german shepard pitbull mixed) with replaced steel 3 inch teeth wearing doggie body armor. while my nexd door friend is calling in a gun ship for outside air supportin case one gets out the back door. and he has fired up his twin 50'cal turret gun on top of his house with our air siren alarm going off and airraid spotlights searching the the yard the watch group running up the drive with the full gear of of two swat-teams and my 75 year old grandma and her M1a tank coming down the road.
so I hear the gated comm has a secret project of making a atombomb in a 50 cal shell so we are waiting to hear back on that. I think we got it covered but like the fight guy says you never can have too much.
hey any one got claymores????
I understand what y'all are saying, but what if you dont see an attack coming? Would be handy to know how to keep someone off your carry weapon.
fighting man

I carry a dull set of teeth two fists two elbows two knees two feet a SOG knife and a Heckler and Koch 40. He'll yes I can fight.
I am the weapon. Everything else is simply the tool I use to kill you. I can even kill you with kindness.

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