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If you have been following my past posts, you would know that I am working on changing the law so non violent misdemeanors over 10 years ago will no longer be a preclusion for CCW permits in Oklahoma. Here is the latest:

My Florida Non-Resident permit arrived today! 16 work days from mailing to receipt even with the holidays and three days lost waiting for a letter for some info they needed to finish processing! NOW THAT'S THE WAY TO RUN A DIVISION!:thank_you2:

AS far as using the Fla permit in OK, my resident state, I have a call into the AG who referred me to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, but there is no AG opinion in the data base regarding non resident permits being illegal in OK if you are a state resident. Yes, they have reciprocity with Fla., but being a resident with a non-resident license could cause me problems and I want to be sure.

I am planning on using the Fla. permit in lieu of an Oklahoma permit since I did not qualify due to a non violent misdemeanor in 1979. The Bill's sponsor is a retired State Trooper which should help and the State NRA Rep. has contacted me to request my verbiage and to let me know the NRA was behind the bill. Last year the bill passed the House and Senate on a vote of 54 Yeas and no Nays, but last minute change giving vets a free for life permit caused the Bill to have a financial impact and the session closed before the analysis was complete. The free clause has been removed and the bill has been reintroduced as HB2538 and is on the calendar. This Bill will be passed this legislative session and should take effect in Nov. As for non-resident permits, current Law says "Any person entering this state with a valid license from any reciprocal state is authorized to carry a concealed firearm in this state." It also states anyone moving into this state MAY apply for an OK permit. Language stating SHALL apply, was not passed.

Wooooo Hooooo! After 11 years I am LEGAL! You can bet your arse my concealing techniques are finely tuned! Thanks to all those on this Forum that answered my questions about non resident permits. That info gave me the "back door" I was looking for. I am a law abiding citizen and I did not like carrying without the permit but I refused to be a victim of someone else. Not so bad to be a victim of your own person decisions! At least I knew the odds were better that my family would be alive to bring me a cake with a file in it!

Now I feel like a whole person and not some less than worthy scum of society. I now truly feel like this forum is my home and where I was meant to be. Sounds corny, but now I feel I belong here instead of feeling like a Peeping Tom 

Again, thanks to all the great folks on this site! I will post when I get the response from the OSBI! Yippei Skippy
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Congratulations are in order for sure, I am happy for you. Just keep doing what you have been by keeping the law on your side and stay safe.
Good luck and God speed to you
Hey, brother, as far as I'm concerned, you don't need a CCW permit to feel welcome on this site. I, too, carried for many years before I was "legal". I considered I was "legal" given my 2A RKBA and at any rate, made the same decision as you: the safety of my family was first, always, no question. The risk was worth it. Welcome.

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