Yay! Cooler weather


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Although summer is my favorite time of year I have to say I welcome cooler weather for the fact that heavier clothing and jackets make hiding a more effective handgun much easier!

Tucker's Mom

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Same here. I like summer but in limited editions. We were two degrees short of winter here last night. We went out to dinner and it was good to OWB without printing (hidden in a thinner coat).


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For me, "cooler" weather (i.e. under 80) will come around November and last about 4 months. I don't mind though.....I moved here for the year-round warm weather.


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Thank you Al Gore...you invented the Internet. Now that you invented Global cooling how is your 20,0000 sf house.......POS

Tucker's Mom

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I think you guys will REALLY enjoy this thoughtful video on the Change of Seasons.
He said "Goodbye Summer!" then shot the watermelons; then shot the pumpkins too, the symbol of Fall? He was saying goodbye to Fall too by doiing the same thing he did to the watermelon? What is the message? Sorry but I am at a loss as to how to understand this video. The slow motion bit is good though and the video camera was too close to the object enough for the projectiles to reach the lens...


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Been perfect here this week. Windows open at night saving me AC money and riding my wing to work every day. Life is good :biggrin:.

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