XDM 45 vs G30 compact


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Thoughts on which one wood be a preferred EDC

Snake Doc

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I would say the Glock 30, it's smaller and less bulkier than a Springfield would be, perfect for IWB too. I have both a 30 and a Springfield XD 45 compact and the 30 has been my EDC gun for a year and a half.


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I've had both and it's going to be quite tough to sell you on either one. Both are great firearms. The best advice I can give is that you should make an attempt to handle and shoot both before you decide. If you know someone that has both and will let you borrow them, carry each one for a few days.

One will just feel right to you.


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You're asking the wrong people. Nobody should decide what gun is best for you except you. Hold both, shoot both, get a feel for how you would conceal each one and go from there.

I'm not familiar with the XD but I suggest you try a G30SF before making your decision. Depending on your hand, the short frame design can make a world of difference. I heard rave reviews about the SF and I was really surprised at the difference in comfort from a standard G30 when I first held mine. That's why my G27 is gathering dust now.


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I have shot both and I ended up buying the 30SF. Fits my hand better, and has been more reliable. I shot an early version of the short XD in .45acp for IDPA matches to test its handling. The owner could not get it to shoot reliably nor could he hit anything with it. Neither could I. My son, on the other hand, shot a couple of matches with it and it worked just fine for him. My Glock 30SF, on the other hand, has never malfunctioned and can put all ten rounds in one ragged hole at 15 ft, and one slightly larger hole at 25ft. You and the pistol are a system, and the right pistol for you has to be an extension of your hand. For me, it is the Glock. For many others out there, it must be the XD because they sell a ton of them.

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