XDM .40 question.


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Just bought a new XDM .40 to add to my collection. I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with loading a full mag? It is very hard to seat the mag when I have it full with 16 rounds. It also is a bear to release the mag. I had to use both thumbs with all my strength to release it. Maybe I just have to break it in, but it should be ready right out of the box. Any help on this one?

I have the XDM40 & XDM9. They are both difficult to load with the last few rounds. I had the XD40 and it was difficult as well. I use the loaders that came with them and I've found that if I push the nose of the bullet down with my thumb and then push the loader down, it's much easier. The mags will get a little easier to seat, but not much. I just slam em' home. A lot of people load them down a round or two to make seating easier.

This problem is not exclusive to XD's and XDM's. A lot of high capacity mags are difficult to load.
My XD 45 is sometimes tough to release a mag with the 13 rounders. Pushing up on the mag while you push the mag release button helps a lot until it breaks in
We've got about 2,000 rounds through each of our XDm 9s and they have loosened up quite a bit. Never had to do this, but if you can't get the mag to seat, just lock back the slide and put it in. These are great guns and we haven't had a single problem with either of ours. The wife loves hers too!
Regular XD-40 here. My mags only hold 12 and I rarely put all 12 in. I usually carry 10; that is 9 in the mag, one in the pipe. I'm glad it's tight and not sloppy. I've got around 1,200 rounds through mine and it's still tough to load 10 rds and tough to drop a mag with rounds in it.

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