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Hey Gang,

I just bought a new XD .45 Compact 4" Barrel for one of my carry guns.

I got it because as much as I love carring my Kimber 1911 it was a bit much at times... A little bulky and heavy.

Now I normaly carry my 1911 in a Galco Royal Guard IWB or in a Galco Miami Vice II Shoulder Holster. Both of which I have had very good luck with and love the fit.

I got the XD assuming that I would be able to get the same Royal Guard holster and stick to what works.. Much to my suprise however... Galco doesnt make one. So there lies my problem.

My prefered carry method is IWB at 4 O'Clock and I like a holster that retains its shape when the weapon is drawn for easy reholstering.

Any suggestions? Oh.... and I have never used anything but High Quality leather and to be honest.. Dont know that I would be willing to use anything but... Synthetics just dont do it for me.

The BraveHeart by KyTac (www.kytac.com) is the most comfortable way to carry that one.

In fact, it was the only holster to get the highest rating across the board during a recent holster review by Chaim Stein for G&A

You might try a Crossbreed Supertuck. I have heard nothing but good about these holsters. They are very reasonably priced also. I am currently waiting on one for my Sig P250 to arrive.
XD Holster

I recommend the Crossbreed Supertuck. Ive been carrying my XD45 Compact in one for the last year and I love it. A nice OWB that is very comfortable is the Fobus SP11B.
Good luck trying to get delivery from Kytac, been over 99 days since they cashed my check and no holster, owner (DAVE E.) does not reply to emails. I know the guy is a one man shop but either stop taking orders, hire help, or tell folks how long it really takes for a delivery. 90 days is a joke when the company will not answer emails. I asked for refund of my $ since they did not deliver. I'll keep the site updated on if I get my money or have to go the Better Business Route.
I have an XD40 Sub in a SuperTuck and couldn't be happier. It is my first carry holster and did a lot of research before purchasing and decided to pay the money and get it. If I didn't like it, there was always a two week free trial!! NICE. Anyways, I still have it and am extremely content. I didn't order a belt right away and have since bought a new gun belt and now the pair is extremely comfortable and able to be worn anywhere without anybody noticing.
I have 3 Crossbreed Supertucks and a crossbreed SOB. They retain their shape very well and Mark has a customer service reputation that is not to be outdone by anyone! Every holster I have ordered from him I have received in less than 10 days.
Ive been carrying my XDm 40 in a Supertuck for a couple of weeks now. This holster definitely lives up to the hype. I like it a lot.
I have a custom H.B.E. Holster from my XD-40. Eric made the holster to do exactly what I wanted and I could not be happier.

H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks

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