XD 40 with Storm Lake 357 Sig drop in barrel


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I love my XD 40 & just purchased a Storm Lake 357 Sig drop in barrel to change things up a bit. It shoots great but occasionally have a slight feeding problem. I've been told multiple times that the 40 magazines work just fine with the 357 Sig rounds, but I am thinking on purchasing a 357 Sig mag to see if it helps. In looking closely at the barrel when the slide is open, I can see where possibly the edge of the brass could just catch at the base of the feeding ramp.
Any suggestions?


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I can't speak to the XD, but in all my Sigs the magazine for 40/357Sig is in fact one and the same (and stamped as such on the mag) and there have been no feeding problems. I take that back, I did have one factory mag that kept giving me trouble and after multiple attempts to get it right I through it in the trash and bought a new one. So, perhaps it's just that one magazine troubling you. Good luck.

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