Wyoming and North Carolina Reciprocity


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Does anyone know why reciprocity was lost between NC and Wyoming? I spend some time in Wyoming each year and now have to go a head and get my Utah permit so I can carry there. Just curious so I can work to change it. I wrote to both states and have not received any answers. thanks.

I think....

I have heard that it had something to do with the requirements to obtain a permit. North Carolina does not have a provision bar people caught for misdemeanor posession of marijuana from ever obtaining a permit. I think that the requirement in North Carolina is to allow people to obtain a CHP after they have had a clean DWI/misdemeanor drug record for three years. Wyoming decided that since our permit did not meet the same requirements that theirs did we should not have reciprocity. Both states still allow open carry and Wyomings open carry laws are some of the least restrictive laws in the nation.
I agree with Dubccat51. While you won't be able to carry concealed in Wyoming on your NC permit, you can certainly carry openly there in all the same places that people with CC permits can. Wyoming is one of the most open carry and car carry friendly states in America, so although you won't be able to carry concealed, you're definitely not losing much in the way of carry rights.

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