Wrong Sig Came In. Do I Keep It or Send It Back?


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I had my dealer order a Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark and when I went to pick it up, he had actually ordered and received a P220 Elite Dark.

The only difference is barrel length. Carry Elite has a barrel of 3.9 inches vs the Elite Dark with 4.4 inches.

Does anyone have an opinion on the additional half inch length when it comes to carrying? I am sure accuracy will be improved, but not sure if there will be an negatives with carrying it in the Supertruck holster.


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Slightly longer barrel than what you wanted....

Most people don't have issues with the length of the barrel--usually it is the size (length) of the grip and the thickness of the gun that decides whether the gun is more comfortable than another. Since you are looking at the same gun with different barrels, it really shouldn't make a huge difference in terms of concealed carry.

I doubt you will have any trouble carrying with a Supertuck either, and with practice, practice, practice you won't even notice that your gun is 1/2" longer in the barrel.

But, you must ask yourself this: why did I pick the Carry Elite Dark in the first place? Were the reasons for picking it important enough to hold out for the correct item?

IF you do decide to keep the gun, you should request some kind of discount. After all, it is NOT the gun that you ordered and responsibility for the mistake rests wholly on the clerk that ordered it for you.


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Just a little thrown off is all. I was a little disappointed that it took long to come in and then I realized it wasn't exactly what I had ordered.

I definitely wanted the elite series due to the beavertail grip, night sights and DA/SA. So all is the same except for an additional length on the barrel.


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It's a matter of personel choice.I would purchase the one that came in. barrel length won't be that much of a difference, and it will improve your accuracy.


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Brown dog, if length is the only issue I would keep it. Like Trophy said. I carry a 229 concealed and another 1/2 inch longer would not be noticeable for me. Happy shooting!


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Thanks for the input. I decided to keep it and took her to the range last night. I absolutely love it. It might actually shoot better than my trusted HK USP.

This is my first 10 shot group.

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I have a 226 40, a friend has a 229 I shoot them both the same, I carry at 3 o'clock, did not see any real diff, maybe had to shift holster around a bit, but honestly my main EDC is a G-23, lighter and more comfortable than the Sig


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Don't send it back, this is a perfect excuse to buy another gun. And while your at it, get yourself a Glock as well. :biggrin:

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