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I just wrote my US Congressmen a letter that will be hand delivered (for a small fee of course) about my concerns. The letter I wrote follows:

I am writing you today as a concerned member of your congressional district.
While I fully understand there are many issues facing you and your contemporaries in Congress, one issue I feel there should be no compromise on is gun control. The laws already available are restrictive enough on law abiding citizens in this respect. To even discuss passing more is a waste of taxpayers money. There have been plenty of studies done to show that gun control, or removal of guns from the law abiding public does not reduce violent crime. While it reduces gun related crime, violent crime actually increases. Please note, this has happened in both Australia and Great Britain over the last decade. If you need these statistics, please feel free to ask me for them. I will gladly share them with you.
Because of the result of the November 4th election, I feel it imperative that I impart to you my fear that both the new Congress and President will seek to further limit my Second Amendment rights as granted under the US Constitution. I urge you to consider the above information when ANY gun control/restriction legislation gets introduces (there are many before you now) and vote to keep or strengthen the rights our founding fathers felt necessary for us to have in the first place. The US Supreme Court has made this decision recently (the Heller case) and affirmed our right to keep and bear arms. It now is incumbent upon you, my elected representatives to continue this approach and fight any further attempts at limiting the right.
I look forward to seeing your voting record in the future reflect your pro gun stance.

I urge EVERYONE in the US to do the same and put them ALL on notice that we will be watching and reading and contacting and staying ACTIVE in this fight!! Feel free to copy mt letter if you feel it fits what you want to say.

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