Women's First Handgun Purchase


Women's First Handgun Purchase

Chapter One - Introduction

Today is Monday, February 15, 110
Link Removed Book Title: Women's Guide to Buying Your First Handgun

Series: Firearm/Pistol For Life Series
Author: Ruperto Elpusan Jr.
The author is one of the instructors at Be Safe Gun Training. This book can be ordered at Amazon.com, Powells.com and other fine online book retailers. Be sure to look for ISBN #0-9772088-3-4.
Chapter One: Introduction

Many books on handguns are not for beginners, and especially beginners who are women. This book attempts to fill that void in the marketplace by providing advice to women beginners who are considering purchasing a handgun. This book is also useful for men who have women in their lives for which a handgun would be useful.
We do not delve extensively into your motivation for purchasing a handgun. By acquiring this book, you have a need for a self-defense handgun for whatever reason or simply want a firearm for plinking or target shooting. We won’t get much into the basic theory of firearms, ballistics and self-defense. Nor we delve into the fundamentals of guns and marksmanship. There are plenty of books that cover those subjects.
Also, this is not a book on the philosophy and politics of gun ownership. We do not even make the basic value judgment that women (or men) should or shouldn’t possess firearms. Again, there is plenty of space and resources in the media that focus on these issues.
Instead, we focus on issues that are specific to women beginners in purchasing their first handgun.
This book is not a chauvinistic discourse about the fairer sex but is an honest attempt to address issues that are specific to MOST women beginners. We recognize that there are Annie Oakleys and other sharpshooting ladies in the firearms world today and in firearms history. If you are such, please feel free to read this book and feel free to give us feedback with techniques that help women who are beginners and have no aspirations to be sharpshooters.

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