Women and the NRA


Women and the NRA, parts 1 through 5.


As we reported Friday, Elizabeth Hellmann of NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics has agreed to share her article on Women and the NRA with NRAblog. An excerpt is printed in the current issue of Traditions magazine. NRAblog is pleased to present the article in whole as a series:

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Women contribute in many ways to clubs, ranges, and national associations, sometimes in ways that are more valuable than finances. Women can be some of the hardest working, most valuable volunteers in any organization – including the National Rifle Association. We have extensive knowledge on variety of subjects, sure skills, and a willingness to share our talents. But more importantly, women have influence. We are a vast, under-utilized resource.

If women help ensure the future of the shooting sports by bringing friends and family into the fold, as many believe, then offering programs designed by and for women may help ensure longevity of a number of shooting and gun safety programs. Not only are these programs geared towards marksmanship, but they are also designed to increase home firearm safety by teaching proper handling and good storage options. Often, women decide if their children will be allowed to learn to shoot and whether there will be guns in the homes. They may also determine how guns will be stored in the home.

The NRA provides guidance and standards for gun safety and firearms training that are beyond reproach. One measure of our success is that we are the unchallenged experts in the field of gun safety. Women who are eager for knowledge will turn to us for answers and for training, and we want to make sure that they are welcome here.

You may wonder why the NRA is willing to give women special attention. The NRA makes an important investment in the future when it offers service and educational experiences specifically designed for women. Many NRA Women’s Programs are designed to boost female participation in the shooting sports, and by doing so, we demonstrate that the NRA is dedicated to furthering the marksmanship skills of every citizen. NRA’s commitment to Women’s Programs provides key support for the perception of shooting clubs as family-oriented clubs. ...

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