Woman with her CCW takse down a department store shooter in Virginia, But wait!!


Congratulations, you won the Internet today

She risks her life by taking on this active AR-15 shooter inside the department store, now they are going to charge her for being in a gun free zone. Think V.A. is someplace you might want to live safely?
Woman With CWP Takes Down Department Store Shooter

LOL: This is a completely fake story. I guess the you are wondering off in to opsspec1991 land, believing everything that is on the Internet is true. How about verifying your sources?

Everything, and I mean literally everything, in this story is made up. The "sourced" photo by an Australian photographer, the links to the news organizations that do not point to actual news reports, the names of all non-existing individuals, the name of the non-existing department store where the shooting was supposed to have happened, etc. :lol:

Web sites like these pray on lunatics that believe everything that is on the Internet is true. Those lunatics then make a fool out of them selves by repeating these hoax stories across the Internet.

Congratulations rifleshooter474, you just earned one point on the opsspec1991 scale of lunacy. You reach the highest level once you believe in the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide.


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Did ya' hear that the BATF banned open carry in all 50 states, effective Dec. 3, 2016? I read it on the Internet....so it must be true.


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I thought this post would have been removed by now. Leaving false reports on the net like this doesn't do anyone any good.


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I hate it when "news stories" get my blood pressure up over nothing.

Satire's nice, but it ought to be labeled as such.

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