Woman Shot Dead While Calling 911


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This is why you call 911 AFTER you shoot the intruder. A gun in the hand is worth 20 police officers a block away

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Wow--what a bummer. I feel real bad for the husband.
If she had been armed --she may still be alive.
I'm glad my wife is armed when I'm gone


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Do not know what to say feel really bad for the family, hope they track the punks down before they do something else stupid, or choose someone less defenseless and ready for their next try.


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My prayers go out to the family, its sad.... I can't emagine how the 911 dispatcher felt, hearing the shots, and then silence, I stay at home alone most days, This situation is why I carry every day, You never know, its better to be ready, than not,

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That's really sad.:sad:

Like the saying goes... "when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away"!
It's sad to see that even with stuff like this happening, folks still believe that the police will "protect them". Don't they realize that unless the police officer is in their driveway when the BG comes knocking, there's little hope of the police being able to do anything until after the incident?

We need to find a way to demonstrate that we as citizens need to look out for our own safety. The police can come and sort things out after I'm done with the BG. :wink:



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This is a real sad story... and my girlfriend wonders why I want her to go shooting with me sometime...

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