Wolf Woes

So does Wolf replace the ammo you bought?

I've purchased the standard grade ammo from Wolf, is Wolf Gold any better (especially cleaner?)

Far as I know, they will only replace what you send them. I think I'm going to send back the 400 rounds I've got - at least maybe I'll get some fresh. Or maybe I'll get some that some other sap like me sends back!!

From what I understand, the Wolf Gold is pretty good. Brass case. But I think most of it is JHP rather than ball like the steel Wolf.

Does any one know anything about wolf primers. I purchased 1000 wolf primers for reloading my .40.

Hope they will work ok.
I've not heard of any problems with Wolf primers. Every round of Wolf and Tula I've shot has gone bang.
Returned Ammo

It has been about ten days since I returned the .40SW cartridges to Wolf. It was shipped via UPS Ground so I imagine they have it by now.
Waiting in Michigan!
Still Waiting (re: wolf return)

Well, the ammo was returned just after Christmas 28DEC2009 to be exact and nothing in the form of a response from Wolf yet. I tracked the return to make sure that it got there and have a confirmed signature of receipt.

If anyone out there has returned suspect ammo to Wolf, let us know what happened on their end. I am not going to make a big deal out of this. I f they do something, even in the form of a letter or E Mail, I will post it.
Welcome to the forum, david denny!

Wolf primers work just fine. In fact I just bought 20,000 Wolf large pistol primers. I think that will last me for a while...:biggrin:
I sent my Wolf .45ACP back last week. They received it on Friday, so based on what timusp40 posted it will probably be a month or more before I hear anything back from them. :mad:
I'm also very interested in how this turns out. My only experience with Wolf is with the .223 I have. When I first got the Wolf ammo, I had a serious feed issue with my AR while it was new, but it turned out to be a defective barrel (out of spec) covered by the manufacturer. Since then, it fires the stuff just fine and I haven't had a misfire yet. I still have a half case left.
The ONLY time I use Wolf Ammo is in 7.62x39mm in an AK. I figure the Russians have gotten that right. Never had any problems with it in AK's. Everything else, no way to the Wolf. Cheap crap with a varnish type coating, that scrapes off in your chamber, then heats up and melts. But after it cools down, leaves a varnish type coating in your chamber that you have to scrape and scrub out. Shot some in a AR-15 at the range. The loads were totally inconsistant. Some loads were louder than others, recoiled more than others, hit point of impact differently than others, which leads me to believe the powder was old, maybe damp, or the amount of powder varied. This was a brand new case that was opened at the range. Never again.

Ditto - the only think I will use any of the Russian manufactured ammo in is my AK. It loves it and never misses a beat with it. I feel the same way about the blazer aluminum cased stuff, I wouldn't put it in any of my guns. They all see brass cases only.
Wolf Responds

Well, the folks at Wolf finally responded to the ammo that I returned last December. If you haven't been following this thread, it is all about problems with the Wolf loads that have surfaced here and there and also happened to me at the range one day.

Wolf did send me a check for the ammunition that I returned. They also paid for the UPS charges, I nice gesture on their part. What they did not do ( I will quote their customer service representative) was "Please return the cartridges so that we can test them". Perhaps this testing will happen at some future date, but I doubt it. No E Mail, no letter with the refund, no nothing!

As far as I am concerned, the split casing resulting in a failure to eject that I experienced could have easily been in a life threatening situation. Some type of response from Wolf would have been appreciated. So for now, I will stick with what I know works and can trust.

To all of you out there that like the Wolf ammunition, good luck and it would not be a bad idea to check your casings for splits if you have problems!
So did they pay you what you paid, ie: how did they know what you paid?

Still those casings you displayed look like a machining problem at there plant.
SWMP9JRM posted some typical split cases, jagged down the side.

I've got some other split cases off my Tokarev is also jagged.

FYI - I stopped an order of Wolf/Tula 45 acp when you posted, a little scary.
Ditto - the only think I will use any of the Russian manufactured ammo in is my AK. It loves it and never misses a beat with it. I feel the same way about the blazer aluminum cased stuff, I wouldn't put it in any of my guns. They all see brass cases only.

FYI, Blazer does make a ammo with brass cases. This ammo is commonly referred to as "Blazer Brass" and can be found in the black & gold boxes.

I've had problems with all types of Wolf ammo. Seems like I've had the least amount of problems with the 7.62x39 caliber.

Needless to say, the only time I'll shoot Wolf ammo is on the shooting range.

Wolf return

I do not know how Wolf estimated the cost of what I returned. Their check covered what I paid for it, so no complaints there.

I just want to know what is up with this stuff. More than one poster on this forum has complained about the coating on the casings and there are other complaints about ruptured casings too. Like I said before, it would be nice to have gotten a response of some kind from Wolf, but now that I think about it, if they did, it would be their admission of a problem and might open the flood gates! Toyota????
I have not heard anything from Wolf about the .45ACP I sent back to them about two weeks ago. They have offered to either replace what I sent, or to refund the purchase price. They asked for a copy of the receipt, which I fortunately have (I'm pretty much a pack rat - keep EVERYTHING). I asked them to replace the steel case with an equal number of their brass case Wolf Gold, or refund the money.

I don't think we'll get any explanation from Wolf - the liability is too high for them to admit that there might be an issue with SOME rounds. Obviously, whatever is causing the splits and other issues is not pervasive throughout their production. There are too many folks - me included - who have collectively put millions of rounds of their steel case ammo down range without issue. I've NEVER had an issue with any of their long gun ammo.

Based on timusp40's experience, I'm hoping to hear from them before the end of the month. I'll keep the thread posted on the outcome.
I just want to know what is up with this stuff. More than one poster on this forum has complained about the coating on the casings ....QUOTE]

The lacquer, polymer (coating) build up was demonstrated to be carbon (soot) build up from the steel cases not expanding like brass which allowed space for carbon to escape. Whereas the brass expands and seals the openings from build up. I tested it out myself but check out The Box O' Truth - Educational Zone #18 - Shooting Wolf steel-cased Ammo in an AR15.

This is the biggest reason steel case ammo: Wolf; Barnual, Tiger, Tula, etc are so dirty.
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If you go back and look at the picture I posted of the two split .45ACP cases, you can see the carbon pretty clearly. The thing that concerns me is that apparently the cases don't expand sufficiently to seal off the chamber, and then occasionally the amount that they DO expand is enough to cause the case to rupture. I suppose it is much better that the case ruptures along the sides rather than at the rear - at least with a side split, you have the chamber there to get rid of the energy that might escape or the chamber may actually keep the failure from being catastrophic as it would be if the rear of the case blew off.

So, if this is the case, would that suggest that these ruptures along the side of the case are NOT a safety issue?
Wolfe ammo should be banned in the US...it is junk. I took 10 apart and weighed the powder and all were over loaded.

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