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it is late here in texas. kid is sick so i am up... again. gas went up again avg is3.45 a gallon. food sortages coming. we are going to be in for a rough time. we are ok for now,but i have my concerns. my son and wife's meds. my son gets SSI and Medicaid because of his autism. we learned about some nutritional supplements to give him, which we did and that plus his meds is doing real good. my wife and i work at walmart nearby. it is a long story, but she is the primary bread winner now . my check was going to be use for emergency preparations. but we hd to buy a new car, and we bought a house . a fixer upper, but it will be ours. everybody i know has this great sense of forboding as i do. bozos running for president, looking at a probable recession or worse, knowing /feeling that this could be the begining of sorrows a described in Matthew 24. we are circling the wagons so to speak. we make enough to pay our bills, we are not missing meals, except by choice. i know what i need to do personally and can't seem to get consistent because of other responsibilities and "stuff". we are in better shape than most for hard times , but we can and need to do more. :matx5:

boris I know where you are coming from. We are going through some ruff times with our business right now and Cindy and I may have to take some other jobs. Things world wide do look bleak. Everything is in flux right now. Nothing that is happiong or will happen takes our God by supprise though so that is the one thing we can count on. Keep on praying and I will be praying also.
yes indeed.....

The time will be shortened for the elect.I don't think that means poly-ticks. Just wait on the Lord for He is good.
plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Start talking to others in your community and try and group together. It will be easier if you all work together. They may be able to help you out in some areas, and maybe you could get them discount cards at wally world or something else in return.
food sortages coming. we are going to be in for a rough time. we are ok for now,but i have my concerns.
I've heard of people subsisting mainly on elemental foods in times of crisis. Visit your local GNC and pick up a gallon of protein...grind up some oatmeal in a coffee grinder, mix in a few spoonfuls of each with a couple of cups of water, take all that with some vitamins and you should be good to go for at least 5-6 hours. Having large quantities of each of those can ensure you have adequate emergency nutrition for quite a long time. For fiber, just throw in some wheat germ or you can even grow your own spinach in your yard and eat it raw. It might not taste that great, but it's very nutritious, cholesterol free, and will cut down on trips to the bathroom.

These should definitely go in your TEOTWAWKI bag - it requires no fire or anything to prepare, except for a cup or bowl of some sort, you won't notice if the water you're using is a little cloudy, and you don't have to stop to eat it. Adults and children can eat it with no complications (although babies under 1 yr old should not consume soy). A single person sitting in your car can mix up a meal for everyone in about 3-5 minutes using only discarded water bottles. It's not heavy and won't spoil if kept in a cool, dry area. The containers that this stuff comes in are also pretty good and can be used for lots of things after the powder is all gone.
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Good advice toreskha. Children may be among those who have the most problems if they are faced with food shortages as they may not understand they need to eat things they don't like to survive. When we first started storing food, I went for foods that I could make soup and bread with--heck, they lived on that stuff in bible times right? Well, now I've got three kids who avoid soup like the plague, so have had to get a little more creative. I've added foods they will actually eat to our storage, like spaghettios. I've also tried to get them eating more whole grains, basic foods, etc. now. We do pretty good here, there's no fast food in our town so cooking something is almost always the best/only option even when I'd rather just order a pizza (no deliveries here anyway), and I'm not a real fan of most prepackaged foods. Usually make my own bread--store bread is just nasty. I've ground up white beans in our wheat grinder and added the bean flour to cookies, breads, etc --adds protein and they don't even know they're eating beans :). The drinks sound great--easy and kids might actually drink them and get the nutrition they'll be needing. Keep up the ideas, I'm always looking for help--never want to have to tell my kids I have nothing to feed them.
thanks, everybody!!

i am in much better spirits today. great ideas toreshka!! that idea is ging into my food storage plan. i forgot about bean flour. that reminds me i need t find the recipe for ezekial bread ...
The drinks sound great--easy and kids might actually drink them and get the nutrition they'll be needing.
Actually it's not even remotely tasty. LOL To make it desirable to drink, you'd probably have to add in some juice or something. I guzzle it down in a water solution at the gym because I don't want the extra carbs.

They do have different flavors though...the vanilla is pretty good when mixed with Grape Nuts and raisins. I eat it for breakfast all the time, so it's not that bad. Don't get the cheap kind, though...it's mostly fat. Do research, read the labels and so forth. With protein isolate, you generally get what you pay for. Generally speaking though, any high-quality protein isolate also has a laundry list of vitamins. Looking on the back of this one, I see a bunch of different amino acids. There's also amino acid pills that you can get (they're huge) that will help to replace a lot of what you might miss from food.

Basically this would be great stuff during any kind of disaster situation...in addition to the convenience factor, you'd also be eating incredibly nutritious food and avoiding the junk food that might prevail in such a situation. This may give you a slight advantage over aggressors that you might encounter, as you'd be better nourished and more clear-thinking than the thugs who have been eating Twinkies and beer for the last three weeks.
Okay, I was thinking of some vanilla flavored protien drink I had my son on for a while that he liked the taste of, but didn't spend too much time comparing it with anything else. Yeah, would definitely have to have flavor for kids and probably for me too! :) Thanks for clarifying!

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