Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class ONLINE!

We've just completed and posted and made available our new Wisconsin ONLINE Concealed Carry course for residents of Wisconsin.

This program exceeds the requirements as stated in the New Wisconsin 2011 Act 35 (SB 93 as amended)

We discuss basic firearm safety, the use of deadly force, the survival mindset, situational awareness, how to deal with the aftermath of a self defense shooting and most important the new carry law and the many laws it has changed such as the trespass laws of Wisconsin.

The course is taught by an NRA Instructor AND NRA Training Counselor and the CEO of Shade's Landing Inc., a firearms training company that certifies other instructors as authorized by the state of Minnesota. This meets the instructor qualifications as outlined in Act 35.

You take the three modules (safety, deadly force, and laws) and when completed, we mail your certificate to you.

Our course is priced at $85 almost half what other instructors are charging and we're offering 10% off as an introductory price for July and August!

Why wait? Get the training you need now and be ready to apply for your permit this coming November when the law takes effect.

Register at FirearmsAndLiberty.com/store/
Call us at 952-891-1537 with any questions you may have.

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