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Just bought some Winchester Ranger 155 Gr. JHP at the Eglin AFB BX. Two shocking things stood out about this purchase. The BX is selling guns and ammo...(Yahoo!!!!) & This ammo is labeled Law Enforcement Ammunition.
This is not +p or +p+ but does have the SXT bullet that used to be called the Black Talon. It was only $16.09 for a box of 50 and you don't pay any sales tax at the BX. If any of you have used these before, please sound off. If this is better than the Remington JHP sold in boxes of 100 each, I'll be stocking up over time. I don't have the funds to test a bunch of different rounds and tend to sit on what I have for at least a year before rotating stock from defense duty to range fodder. This keeps my ammo reliable and fresh without breaking the bank. It also allows me to practice with my carry ammo from time to time so I know what to expect from it.

In my experience with Ranger, it is quality stuff. It came highly recommended from my CHL instructor. Winchester puts out good ammo, from what I've seen. Never had a problem with any of it.
I've used

Winchester Ranger ammo in 40 S&W in the past. It's good ammo. My first choice is sill Gold Dots but on a budget I'd be happy with the Ranger.

Ranger back ground.

I can find these at the MCX here in Norfolk as well. I've fired 1200 of these and have not had a failure, however I have not had to use these ITS. I have had to use Gold Dots and I will tell you it's a one shot one stop instant reaction with these.

Here is link for the background info on the Ranger round. It's an SXT (Supreme Expansion Technology) bullet by Winchester. If price is problem I would try to save for some reloading equipment and make some Hornady 180 gr XTP rounds. You can make approximatley 100 rds for what you for a box of 50 Rangers.

Just my 2 cents.

Here's the link. If you need any help let me know.

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Too bad they stopped making it for the 10mm. I still have a box of the old "Black Talon" ammo in 10mm Auto, 200gr.
Just an FYI. The Ranger 155 grain is only a conventional hollow point it is not a "T" series bullet with the reverse tapered 6 talon jacket .

If you want the Talon you have to get the RA40TA (165g) or the RA40T (180g). You can p/u these on

The RA40TA 165 grain "talon" is the one I use.

Ranger Conventional Handgun
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Ranger T Series Handgun
RA357SIGT revised
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Symbol: RA40TA – Winchester Ranger ‘T’ Series

Shellcase: 40 S&W nickel plated brass shellcase

Bullet: 165 grain (10.7 gram) reverse tapered jacket with six “talon” design

Diameter: .400 inch (10.16 mm)
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I have some original Winchester Black Talon in 9mm, .357 magnum and .45 ACP. I probably will be getting some of the newer Ranger later. It is not difficult to obtain through Internet vendors. Your price at a base PX is very good.

The issue with the original Black Talon is the jacket would typically separate from the core. I have verified this by shooting some rounds in to water filled gallon milk jugs. There is also some reviews of the original Black Talon with this behavior as well. The media did us a favor with the hype and getting the original Black Talon pulled off the shelves as the bullet was redesigned in the process.

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