Wilmette, Illinois Suspends Local Handgun Ban


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Yes---We Have them On the RUN--Keep up the Pressure!!

WILMETTE, Ill. -- Wilmette has suspended enforcement of its 19-year-old ordinance banning handgun possession in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that appears to invalidate such bans

"We The People"


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Like I said on one of your other posts the ripple is turning into a tidal wave. You quoted Reagan. I am reminded of something else he once said and that was "they don't need to see the light but they should feel the heat. I think the left of Communist China liberals are feeling the heat right now and I am loving it.


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Years ago we were discussing Reagan's Star Wars project and if it would ever work. One fellow made teh comment that it did not matter if it ever worked or what we thought of it as long as the Russians thought that it might work. He was right. Hopefully there are more people that think the decision included them and we don't have to go to court to find out.


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It is growing Scarecrow, because of yourself, and the numerous other "The People" who are not afraid to voice their opinions--as is the case with this and numerous forums. Large credit must be given to the Supreme Court, the NRA, Buckeye Firearms and the numerous Pro-Gun lobbies voicing their opinions, However---our true strength, is in "The People"---just common folk---who stand up for their right's, and DEMAND to be heard!!!!!!!!!!


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Reagan' "Star Wars" Program was really what...?

Try "Weather Weapons" on for size.
And see what the CHICOMS have been getting in response for their 40 year term of covert warfare upon us. You have to Google things like "Flood China," or "Earthquake China" or "Freeze China" to find anything at all, because there's NOTHING on our (NSA "Surveillance" Laws?) Press.
Basically - They're too rained out, again, to start any wars.
Have a feeling this 4th of July will be spectacular...


Thank God I'm alive!
Many of you may remember back in 2004, that Wilmette's handgun ban came under fire when Wilmette resident Hale DeMar shot an intruder with his handgun.

Here's a link to the story:

Link Removed

The powers that be in that town, not unlike those in other parts of Cook County, IL, base their support for the ban on lousy foundations (ie., the missing round).

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