Will Americans Obey Government Orders During a Swine Flu Pandemic?


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Will Americans Obey Government Orders During a Swine Flu Pandemic?

Survey seeks to discover if citizens will trust authorities enough to take the H1N1 shot

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, September 21, 2009

Local authorities are keen to know whether American citizens will obey the government in the event of an H1N1 pandemic and take the swine flu vaccine, amidst growing fears of quarantines and forced injections that have been circulating in recent weeks.

Every sign points to the fact that health authorities are preparing mass vaccination programs and quarantines that could be instituted should the H1N1 virus make a deadlier comeback, which has been all but guaranteed by U.S. health authorities as well as the WHO.

Part of those preparations include gauging the potential reaction of Americans to unpopular orders dictated by an increasingly distrusted government. How many citizens will follow orders to stay indoors, evacuate or take a shot?

Some of those questions form part of a survey being conducted by the University of Virginia’s health department targeting everyone except “federal government agencies and their employees,” who “are not qualified respondents for the survey target population,” according to an advisory sent with the survey.

The survey was forwarded to us by a reader who is part of a CEO-only networking group called MindShare in the Washington DC.

“I was sent the survey below that is probing folks in VA, MD, and Washington DC on what they would do in a pandemic or anthrax situation,” writes Etienne De La Boetie. “They appear to be trying to determine if folks will comply with government directives in either a flu pandemic or anthrax attack.”

The survey, entitled Community Shielding Shared Spectrum, was issued by the Critical Incident Analysis Group at the University of Virginia and can be read here.

The CIAG lists its role as understanding how, “Critical incidents have the potential for creating social trauma and undermining social trust in government,” according to its website, and comprises of a “network of experts from academe, media, government, military, law enforcement, industry, and the behavioral sciences.”

The survey contains a raft of questions about disaster preparedness and attempts to clarify whether people will trust the government enough to follow orders and accept vaccines during a pandemic or a biological attack. Some of the survey questions are listed as follows;

For an anthrax attack that occurred during the work day, local authorities are likely to require people to shelter in place where they are. For many this would be at work or school. Assuming that there were adequate food, water , medications and sanitation supplies, how long would you be able to stay before family or personal circumstances would force you to leave?

The multiple choice answers range from, “I would not stay at all beyond normal working hours,” to “More than 14 days.” The follow-up questions asks how long people would stay in their homes if ordered to do so by the government.

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If a vaccine for swine flu (H1N1) is offered this year, and consists of a series of two shots in addition to the normal seasonal flu vaccine, for a total of three shots, will you….

The choices range from not taking any shot to taking both shots for swine flu and the seasonal flu shot. The next question asks if the individual would take medication ‘delivered’ to them by authorities in the event of an anthrax attack or a swine flu pandemic. It does not state whether such medication would be ‘delivered’ at gunpoint as many currently fear.

If you live in an affected area and are instructed by government officials to evacuate, would you….

The respondent is then given two choices, stay at home or comply with the instructions and evacuate. The next question asks their reason for not obeying the order to evacuate.

From question 46 onwards, respondents are grilled about which authorities they trust in relation to a pandemic or a biological attack. Law enforcement, the CDC and “State/District transportation department” are all listed. Respondents are then asked how confident they are in the federal government to respond to a disaster.

Has the recent outbreak of swine flu (H1N1) made you more or less likely to follow guidance from the government or from public health agencies regarding health issues?, asks question 53.

Question 54 onwards asks which sources of information are deemed most trustworthy by the respondent and which of these would be followed during a swine flu outbreak. Federal government websites, mainstream media outlets, religious organizations and “Other, non-government Websites, social networking Websites, or Blogs” are all listed.

A plethora of questions about race, education, employment, household issues and other detailed queries accompany the questions highlighted, and the survey runs to no less than 81 questions in all.

This survey is clearly part of a national effort on behalf of authorities to gauge how Americans will react to being ordered around by a federal government that citizens are increasingly suspicious of in light of increasing awareness about the dangers of the swine flu vaccine and an understanding of what happened during the government’s last attempt to enforce a mass vaccination program for swine flu during the 1976 debacle, when the vaccine killed more people than the actual virus.

Unfortunately for the people tasked with carrying out any such forced vaccination program, 150 million American gun owners are not going to respond nicely to people who want to inject their children with mercury, squalene and other deadly additives that are admitted to be contained in the H1N1 shot now being rolled out. For their sake, and for the sake of preventing anarchy and widespread violence, we need health authorities to come out publicly and state clearly and vehemently that no such mandatory vaccination effort will take place.

Until that happens, fears about what the government is planning behind closed doors in relation to swine flu will only persist and become stronger.

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