Why We Carry

In the first interview, the guy (the one that didn't have the gun) states one of the men had a CHP... This kind of vermin is why I carry a gun.
Yep, I carry because there are scum like these two out there. I carry because I prefer to be the victor rather than the victim.
This is why I own a gun...

This is exactly why I own a gun. It is also why my home has a 24/7 alarm. It is also why I have a dog that is part coyote. I don't want this stuff anywhere near my family.

I think the young man in the video needs a really big dose of Jesus in his life and I feel sorry for him. He will have plenty of time to find God while he is locked up for life. I hope and pray he does because he will not see the light of day for a long long time.

As for the victims families...My prayers go out for them in this senseless loss and tragic event. I pray for them to endure and and find peace in this troubled time.
First off...these guys may be thugs, but at least they're honest about it. Their stories are consistent with each other and they don't seem to be hiding anything.

The first guy seems to realize what he did was wrong. He makes a good accomplice but doesn't seem to be extremely violent. The second one is a reptilian killer, and he really made a point when he said, "I don't have anything to live for. I don't know why I was even born." and "My life so far has been Hell. Capital H, E, L, L."

I believe in personal responsibility but the reality is that these guys have been molded into cold-blooded killers by their home lives, environment and glorification of violence and the ghetto promulgated by the media. This is a serious problem and needs to be changed. That second one was clearly screwed up early on as a kid, but it doesn't need to be that way.

These people are very scary, and the second one is well on his way to becoming irretrievably evil. Someone who doesn't care about living or dying will not hesitate to shoot someone whether they hand over the money or not.
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The streets of our citys are full of people like this and more are to come with the fall of our government.
Great post Palmach. I carry to defend myself and my loved ones... hoping that moment never comes.
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The streets of our citys are full of people like this and more are to come with the fall of our government.
Not to mention the impending flood of those who would seek to eradicate us as Infidels. Be Prepared, Scouts!

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