Why Not Renew the “Assault Weapons” Ban?


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Actually, I refuse to believe that this man is a liberal. I have met no liberal, nor read any liberal's blog, that is remotely as logical as this. He might even think he is....but he isn't.

I'd say that this is a troll for our side.


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Thanks for posting -- Great Article -- Can't believe it was written by a leftist. :eek:) In my book, this is the first article ever written by a leftist that made sense.


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I love that Chuck Woolery explanation!! Its all true... even the part about Waxman looking like Rattatouie! :eek:)


I gotta say, old Ted Nugent and I go way back; but Teddy, we have to sometimes put on a suit and not only talk sense, but sell it to the masses. And Chuck is the man.
Very good video.


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Well sorry FS but as you are aware I've been on the other side of a variety of debates on this site because of my so-called "leftist" views. However I'm firmly on the side of law-abiding citizens owning and carrying wherever and whatever kind of firearm they happen to want. At the same time I believe that we should prosecute criminals in possession of firearms to the fullest extent of the law. In my opinion these measures would go the furthest toward minimizing any criminal use of firearms.

So I find myself in a similar position to the writer, having to defend different sets of beliefs in different camps. Quite frustrating really, especially when people get abusive.

Of course I think that people should pass some sort of IQ test before they can vote, but that is the subject of a different debate...

Merry Christmas to all


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