Why is maryland house bill 62 so important to pa. Residents?


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Maryland House Bill 62 was introduced by MD. Delegate Mike Smigiel and what it does is lets anyone with a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, or West Virginia legally carry in Maryland. A lot of us in states that border Maryland, and have a CC permit, need to get active in supporting this bill. How can we do this if we are not MD. residents? Well, here's a few ways. If you are a member of the NRA or a state affiliate of the NRA, you need to get them pointed in the direction of focusing on that bill, and using their political prower to bring pressure through MD. NRA supporters to get this bill passed. And, many of us have family, friends, and co-workers in Maryland. encourage them to contact their MD delegates in support of this bill. Also, don't forget, you can phone, write, email, text your closest MD. county Delegate to support this bill.

Read this bill, make a printed copy and talk it around to friends and family and others members of organization you may belong to.
Click to read Maryland HB 62:


Every word of support is worth the effort. Don't think you can't count, because you can.

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