Why Is Biden REMOVING Sections Of Trump’s Border Wall, Leaving It WIDE OPEN?


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We all knew that Joe Biden would not build any new wall on the border, but he never told us he would dismantle the wall in places. One of the more curious parts of the wall Biden has had torn down is one of the most popular sections for smuggling drugs. I wonder what the Big Guy’s cut is.

The number of people dying of drug overdoses is rising quickly and the last thing we need is a porous border just where the cartels want it to be.

By tearing down that section of wall, drug traffickers only need to cross 65 miles of desert to reach Tucson, Arizona and they are home free.


President Donald Trump made the border wall a priority and he was able to complete 245 miles of wall between Arizona and Mexico. He cut off major crossings for illegal aliens and from drug traffickers. But, Biden evidently thinks it is cruel to cost the drug traffickers money and he is trying to make it easy for them. And indeed he has. Once Trump is back in office, he should have a Republican House and Senate and he will be able to complete the wall.

The sections of the wall that were cut out are those used mostly by drug traffickers and for that reason, most illegal aliens keep away from the area as it is extremely dangerous and the traffickers will shoot them down to keep their lanes to the US open. Biden must be trying to lock down the druggie vote.

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From The Gateway Pundit

Under Trump the area had become much more secure, he had put up a barrier that was working and severely limiting illegal crossing and drug smuggling in the area – But ever since Biden kicked off his border crisis, the locals have noticed a large resurgence of drug smugglers that are crossing the valley on their way to Tucson.

Well, now we know how so many are getting through.

Biden has been in dereliction of his presidential oath since day one and has even made it easier for dangerous drugs like fentanyl – that have claimed the lives of so many Americans – to flow across the open US border.

It’s one thing to vow that “not one foot of wall will be built” during this fraudulent administration, but it’s borderline criminal to tear down the wall or see the wall torn down in sections that are in place to protect our citizens.



No mystery or shame at all here. Just business as usual and doing a darn good job all considered.

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