Why I Voted for Obama


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Yay! Osama 2012! .....wait,thats not it....oh well, good enough. Yay!


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BeauRyker:217631 said:
Oh. Oh. The "Web Police" has just put me on the Terrorist Watch List. LOL! That's OK, I don't intend to do any flying anyway. (Anti-groping protest more than anything else.) :laugh:

Come on, you can sit with me in the "terrorist section". If you can find a seat.

I'm in. As long as I get a seat that reclines, has a long gun rack, an ammo box underneath and 2 cupholders.


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It seemed like a good idea at the time....

Actually, I still don't think he's half as bad as a lot of people make him out to be.

Here's my thing: I've always voted fairly liberal and Democratic. There have been times in the past I leaned more right, and times I voted Republican locally. I always figured it was better to err on the side of the left, if I had to err at all.

Here's where I get my facts: politifact.com and ontheissues.org

I could give a fig what obviously biased outlets have to say, because most everyone has an agenda.

I studied the issues and the candidates a lot. I liked what Obama had to say. I liked that he was young, and ambitious, and his views and values matched mine on the most important issues. I really liked that he was a good public speaker, because George W frankly embarrassed me nearly every time he spoke.

Political debates always fall apart into "The President doesn't really have any control anyway, it's all the House and Congress," so I figured I'd go with someone who at least presented himself well.

I liked Ron Paul. I went to the polls intending to vote for Ron Paul. Then that "wasted vote" idea just kept poking at my mind. Plus, the reason i like Paul was because he wanted to give rights to states. I thought, that's a great idea. You don't like guns? Go live in a gun-free state. You don't like abortion? Go live in an abortion-free state. And better yet, on the state level, your vote is going to count and your voice is actually going to be heard. But then I thought, what if his personal views overpower his promises? My values and his values don't line up in important areas.

During the debates, I liked McCain. However, and I'm sorry to say this to her fans, I really disliked Sarah Palin. I felt like she was seriously devoid of knowledge, and that she demonstrated this time and again, plus she never engaged in serious discussion, she only spewed catchy slogans and sound bites. She was the epitome of the beauty queen, lovely to look at, and full of answers about saving the children and ending world hunger.

Still, I liked McCain. Until that debate where he called Obama "that one." And it wasn't even the "that one," it was his whole attitude. He was nasty and surly and petulant. He was like some pissed off teenager whose girlfriend just danced with some other guy. I didn't want an angry child running the country.

So Obama got my vote. And like I said, I don't really think he's all that bad. I don't see him taking away gun rights, I don't see him running the country into the ground.

However, I also don't see him doing much to help us out, either.

I don't much care about the rhetoric, the rumors, the speculation. I don't give a damn about his birth certificate, or his religion, or if he uses a teleprompter.

What I care about is results.

I'm not seeing them.

I actually quite like Obama as a person, but I'm afraid he's not getting the job done that I hired him for. It appears a lot of other people feel the same way. His approval ratings are quite low at this time.

At this point, I'm hoping there will be other viable candidates. I'm not seeing them yet. But one thing is certain. I'll not be voting for Obama again. This time, I'm not worried about wasting my vote, and I'm not worried about erring on the side of caution. My vote goes to someone else, because, ladies and gents, it's truly time for a change.

Obama... I couldn't care less for the man. I met him in early 2010 at a place called Bagram AB, Afghanistan... he gave a speech while he was there. We were all packed into a K-span and he was up on the stage... the entire speech he never once looked at me or the people near me, we were about 20 feet away near the front of the crowd. I didn't see or feel "he" felt what he was saying, he was just making it look good for the camera. He didn't connect to me or many others there that night.

Later he came to the Dragon DFAC to meet some troops... other than the typical "hi, how ya doing, thanks for your service" stuff... I got no sense he gave a crap about me, what I had to say, or my fellow service members that night.

So, if for no other reason... I don't like the guy b/c even while standing in front of me, he didn't seem to really, truly care.

I like Ron Paul, for many reasons. As far as the "wasted vote" thing, that makes no sense to me. If he's who I beleive in and want to reside as President, that's who I'm voting for. And think about this... would he still be a "wasted vote" if people stopped telling themselves that???


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I hear they make decent bologna.

Gotta be careful with it though... Could cause lasting effects on the consumer such as insanity, immorality, impracticality, illogical thought, irrationality... Nah, I'll keep eating pork and beef... LOL...


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I'm in. As long as I get a seat that reclines, has a long gun rack, an ammo box underneath and 2 cupholders.

Dang man, you'll have to go up to the Mullah section. Back here, we've just got lawn chairs and beer coolers.:pleasantry:


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You forgot illusions of grandeur as to personal worth to society.


Narcissism... One of their worst traits... They believe that their actions are for the benefit of all of society.. They meddle in the business of and with the freedoms of others thinking "I'm making life better for you"...

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LMAO! I've never seen that shirt before, that's F'ing great!

I ordered it and the MOLON LABE Don't tread on me (Gadsden flag image) tee and MOLON LABE stickers for the back window of the truck... Ordered them last Friday and they were here today... My wife said "you really gonna wear that here?" "Oh yea" I said...

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Just wanted to let you know - today I received my 2011 Obama Stimulus Package.

It contained two watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, a prayer rug and 10 coupons to KFC.
The directions are in Spanish.

Hope you get yours soon.


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Well, let's see. Almost 3 years in office and he still blames George Bush for the financial problems that he has created. For the first time since 1947 our debt equals the g.d.p.( a VERY dangerous situation), govt. spending is still way out of control, unemployment is still at record highs, home foreclosures and business failures are still at record highs, people have gotten social security and Medicare cuts while the politicians all got their increases, his health plan is a complete failure, a total failure on foreign policy, and no need to go on. How could anyone even consider voting for him again is beyond me.

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