why doesn't any one?????


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Why doesnt any one carry a Ruger P 95? quality firearm,not terribly big,affordable. So why not?

Got one

Why doesnt any one carry a Ruger P 95? quality firearm,not terribly big,affordable. So why not?

There have been a couple threads about the P95. I have one that I will never sell. It is 5 feet from me with a 20rd mag right now. It is the gun I use to teach newbies. Big, heavy, no recoil, and fairly accurate. Also it NEVER FAILS.... EVER.

Got my neighbor hooked on guns with that Ruger. He went out and bought a P94 just like it except the decocker is also a safety. Also got another friend hooked but he wants a XDM with a manual safety (I know like looking for a unicorn). He didn't like the DA pull.
I had one as my first pistol. it was a little large, shot without malfuntion and little recoil. i just couldnt hit nothing with it. but on the other hand my sisterinlaw could just about snap pencils with it so it wasnt the gun. i traded it on a 1911 and that started a trend ive got a 1911 in every size but 5'' and a new sig 1911 5'' with rail is now on order i cant wait!!! Had to stimulate the economy:biggrin:
I think the Ruger is a fine weapon. I have a SP-101 in .357, a SR9 and a P-89. The SR9 and the P-95 have similar weights and lengths but I find the SR9 to be slimmer. The SR9 is my main carry gun. It is a real center punch and has a mag capacity of 17 rounds. The slim size, mag capacity and accuracy are the main reasons I use it for carry. It is easy to conceal but I would own a P-95 in a heartbeat!
never cared too much for their autos...no complaints about their revolvers though.
Had a p90 couldn't hit smack with it but it never failed in any way the whole time I had it!!
Always went bang when I pulled the trigger..thats the best thing I can say about it..
I carry my P345 inside the waist band it is large but thin, reliabol and accurate, it also fits my hand better than any gun I have tried, I love my Ruger. My Dad carrys a P85 that has been reliabol for years, no isues
I carry my P345 95% of the time. It has never had a single malfunction as long as I've had it. It fits my hand so well, it is like it was made for it. I just wish it had the magazine capacity of the others in the P series.

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