Why Carrying Concealed is important.


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I at least can say Im man enough to agree with Navy on Open Carry when able to. I chose to Conceal, just because thats what I WANT to do. I have only heard of once where a CCer was harassed by a cop, Canton OH. But it seems that there are always cops around bothering OCers in the news.

It is my belief that 95% of criminals are sheep in wolves clothing. They are there for a quick and easy score, not a drawn out bloody gunfight. If one of the afore mentioned criminals walks into your local 7-11 and notices 5 openly carried handguns, well, Im of the mind one of two things will happen. The perp will find somewhere else to be in a hurry, or they will go away from the register untill the armed ones have been gone for a few minutes.

Now all the above is just what is in my head. Im no Seal Team 6\Special Forces\Operator, just a regular Joe who decided to keep my family as safe as possible. Concealed for me does offer some element of suprise. I have 5 boys, ranging from 14 down to 4. So anyone pulling a gun on my family has a bunch to pay attention to while my wife and\or I pull our pistols. Again, this is just whats in my head, not based in fact\testing\tactical situations. Then again, with 5 boys, a perp may just say "F" it, I dont have the money to have good crap worth taking.


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No agency is recording date based on whether a civilian
is armed or OC or CC when attacked. Nor is there any data accrued that explains the mental state of the attacker, to include the value of OC or CC on the victims' part.

With no valid data, a logical case cannot be argued either way. Anything is strictly IMHO.

Media coverage is absolutely useless. Out of maybe 10 shootings in a day, some will be non-lethal and may not even be reported (especially gang related). Out of maybe 6 that are reported, one sensational (3 year old girl killed, Honor student killed, or 87 year old grandmother shot) will make the 6 o'clock news.

I CC (pocket carry with a J Frame) because I subscribe to the Gray Man and Herding approaches. However I do that as a result of my own reasoning and not as a valid outcome of any empirical data. I cannot argue that my way is in any way superior.

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