Who makes your favorite carry gun?

Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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I have to say, I do love that Kimber that I have

My relatively new S&W M&P 9mm Compact has recently become my every day carry, so I voted S&W.

My "baby"...my first love, however, is the full-size Sig P226 in 9mm. The "To Hell and Back Reliability" motto is the absolute truth.
Les Baer

I can't find anything better than my LB TRS.
My alternate piece is a stainless Colt combat commander.
BUG S&W 649 with Ahernd grips.
My current favorite carry gun is my Ruger p345. I can't say enough about my 2 Rugers. They have been 100% reliable and I feel tough as nails
My Ruger P345. It is currently at the gunsmith having a trigger job. I will have to break out the Kel-Tec PF9 until I get it back.
Broke Student

I currently carry a Bersa 9mm Ultra Compact. Its the best 9mm I've found in the price range with capacity and features I wanted. I carry it everyday in a smart carry holster which works extremely well. Of course, when I feel like it in the winter I carry a 45 long colt six shooter. I feel good with it up to six shots, but the Bersa rides in the back seat just in case. :) I've shot most of these guns mentioned thus far. They are all great in my book.
My current favorite carry gun is my Ruger p345. I can't say enough about my 2 Rugers. They have been 100% reliable and I feel tough as nails
I recently had to requalify for my Private Investigators license, we had to shoot 400 rnds. so being cheap I decided to use my P95dc for it, because as you know its a 9mm, much cheaper than 45ACP to shoot. As I looked around at the other guys who were there, I saw a collection of high dollar firearms, Kimber, Sig, HK, Beretta, Glock, S&W and Springfield, to make a long story short....My lowly Ruger was the only weapon there to shoot all four hundred rnds. with out a FTF...FTE.. or misfire!!!.........Ya can't beat a Ruger! its just hard to carry concealed
Link RemovedI've got a couple of XD and Sandy the 1911 is a Springfield also. The Customer service I've had from Springfield rarely occurs in business anymore.
"Glocks....durable, rugged, and they will go bang everytime under any conditions."
Oddly enough, I shot borrowed Glock at a class, and it malfunctioned quite regularly. The owner said it works fine for him. My Steyr never fails to work.
Too bad the survey wasn't multiple choice. I have several: Kimber CDP Pro Carry II (4"), Kimber CDP Ultra Carry (3"), Walther PPK/S and a Glock 23. Depends on the weather, my mood, my "gut", and what I think the day may bring. Although I'm not permitted to 'carry' in New Jersey, the law allows me to carry in my own home and on my property, or at my place of business if it's a fixed location (e.g., not your car), and I exercise this option whenever I can.

At the same time, I plan one day (soon?!) to move to Real America, where your Rights are recognized and respected more than they are here. Things will change.

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