Who makes your favorite carry gun?

Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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Let your voice be heard. A celebration of great guns. :D

Make mine a CZ P-01 :D Dependable, accurate, and best of all, I can afford one.
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S&W N-Frame Revolvers are my favored ccw weapons. I will "downgrade" to the 7-Shot L-Frame on occaision though. :D

I always have a J-Frame either on my ankle or in my pocket too.

I carry either a Kimber full size stainless IWB or a Keltec in my pocket. I love the Keltec for what it is but the Kimber is my baby. I voted Kimber.
I either carry my Wilson Combat Professional, IWB in a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 or my Springfield XD45 Service, IWB in a Brommeland Max Con V. Both are backed up by a Taurus PT-145, carried in my right front pocket.

I had to choose "OTHER" since Springfield nor Taurus were listed......

Springfield and Sig are pretty equal in my eyes in terms of the practicality of their products... Sig gets the nod for quality, but I carry the XD more.
Judging by the number of "other" responses, I'd say you missed quite a few manufacturers. I love my 3" XD-40 with TFO's and my Kel-Tec .380.
Glocks....durable, rugged, and they will go bang everytime under any conditions. I will switch to a S&W J-frame in my pocket too, especially during summer months.
Favorite Carry

Hello all -

Newbie to this forum here. Colt Defender .45 ACP for my carry AND a 1968 (German made, pre-ban) Walther .380 (9mm kurz) for my BUG. Just right for an ankle holster for a guy my size. I know some guys who are big enough to hang a Desert Eagle on their ankle.

Hey tex45acp, how do you like your Wilson? My last name is Wilson and I always thought it would be cool to own a firearm personalized with my name. ;)

SouthCentral, welcome to the forum.
Cz 2075 Rami

I really like the 2075 RAMI. The Alloy frame model is extremely reliable and suprisingly accurate for a 3" barrel. I looked into the polymer model, but wasn't as impressed. For the few ounces difference in weight, I prefer the grips and palm swell on the RAMI.

It's available in 9mm or .40, and is either a 10+1 or 14+1 carry depending on the magazine in the 9mm version.

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