Whistleblowers: Biden Admin Told Us To Lie About COVID Cases Among Illegal Aliens


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Whistleblowers: Biden Admin Told Us To Lie About COVID Cases Among Illegal Aliens

Two whistleblowers have accused members of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of ordering them to lie about the number of illegal alien children with COVID-19 in the Ft Bliss detention center.

Arthur Pearlstein, a director at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and Lauren Reinhold, an attorney-adviser at the Social Security Administration are the Whistleblowers behind the revelation that the Biden Administration is lying to the American people.

Pearlstein and Reinhold say that they were ordered to downplay the number of illegal alien children who have the virus. Why would they do that?

Perhaps to get the infection numbers up as more people are exposed to the disease in order to do more lockdowns? This is about power and control, otherwise, there would be no reason to lie. They say between April and June, the number of kids with COVID exploded and then was passed onto the staff working there.

They said:

“COVID was widespread among children and eventually spread to many employees. Hundreds of children contracted COVID in overcrowded conditions. Adequate masks were not consistently provided to children, nor was their use consistently enforced. Every effort was made to downplay the degree of COVID infection at the site, and the size of the outbreak was deliberately kept under wraps.”

“At a ‘town hall’ meeting with detailees, a senior U.S. Public Health Service manager was asked and refused to say how many were infected because ‘if that graph [of infections] is going to The Washington Post every day, it’s the only thing we’ll be dealing with and politics will take over, the perception will take over, and we’re about reality, not perception.’”

“All the manager would acknowledge is that several children had to be hospitalized. The manager also dismissed a detailee’s concern that the children in the COVID tents were wearing basic disposable masks instead of N95 masks. The manager said N95 masks were unnecessary for the infected – even though uninfected detailees were working with the infected children.”

“For example, the shortage of underwear and other clothing for children has been widely reported. The problem persisted for weeks and months. Countless children reported these shortages to detailees. Boys said they had no underwear at all, while most simply had only one pair with nothing to change into. Detailees insisted that the children be supplied with underwear. Each time the answer was that shipments had not come in. Whenever detailees brought it up, they were told it was the contractor’s responsibility. Detailees, private contractors, and managers were well aware of the problem.”

And remember, these are the people that Claimed President Trump was a liar. Who’s the liars noooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

Read more: https://libertyonenews.com/whistleb...o-lie-about-covid-cases-among-illegal-aliens/

My thoughts:

If everything was on the up and up, then there wouldn’t be any refusal of the facts.

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