Which Ruger 9mm?


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Didn't read all the posts here but the Sr9c is a beautiful gun. Lightest recoil out of all the guns listed here, good for carrying concealed and the added 17/1 extension is awesome. The lcp and the lc9 are smaller and lighter but are snappy as heck, plus the trigger on the Sr9c will have you melting. It's so smooth


My partner here at work has an LC9 he wants to get rid of. He and I both agree it could be much better and we are really not that fond of it. I personally have carried an SR9c for a while till I recently got my EMP 9mm. The SR9c is an awesome and reliable gun for anyone. I love it. I just wanted something in the 1911 family and a little more compact. I do believe if you were to get an SR9c that you definitely would not disappoint yourself.


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I recommend the SR9C. Bought an LC9 for my wife, and had a lot of trouble with it -about a 50% misfire rate. took it back to the dealer 4 times before they agreed to exchange it for something else. replaced it with the SR9C. very nice gun; the small mag is easy to conceal, and the bigger mag is good for a spare or for range work. it also fires every time the trigger is pulled, which is the main advantage over the LC9!
The LC9 has problems with ammo that has soft primers. Ruger said that it was designed to fire American ammo that meets SAAMI specs. I've had problems with reloads and foreign ammo. With WWB, Federal and Remington it has been flawless.


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The LC9 is a great gun for it's purpose. It is a Concealed Carry pistol and I find it as easy to hide as an LCP. Small guns with long trigger pulls have their own issues but they fill a niche.


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I don't really know how to answer that ha! In fact the past few days I find myself eyeballing the 1911 more and more!

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Thanks for the input, everyone. I bought an SR9c and an LCP.

Just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy your SR9c and I'm pretty sure you will. I personally have an SR40c and I enjoy the gun a great deal. My only gripe is that the grip seems to be a bit too thin for my hands to fit comfortably. My brother has the SR9c and I have had the opportunity to fire it on occasion. I find myself wishing I had gone with the SR9c instead or maybe even a M&P9c instead to compliment my full size M&P. I can't see enough difference between 40 and 9 to justify the increased muzzle flip.

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