Which Is More Dangerous?!?!?!


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OK, I just had a thought....an epiphany, if you will. You often hear on the news the reference of "ILLEGAL GUN" (say that in your most news-anchor type voice). I got to wondering, what's an Illegal gun? Not counting the Peoples' Republic of Kalifornia, is there any such thing? OK, you can't "legallly" carry without a state permission slip to do so. But if you don't have a slip, but carry, is your gun automatically "ILLEGAL" (say it again in your news-anchor voice). For instance, to drive a car, you're required to have a state issued license and a minimum amount of liability insurance. Given all the uninsured drivers out there, does that make their car now an "ILLEGAL CAR"? Hmmm, your 14 year old kid goes joyriding, gets caught, and goes to juvie for a few hours. Is he slapped with a felony for driving an ILLEGAL CAR....without a LICENSE and PROPER TRAINING?

Discussion is such: I would like to see a debate of two inanimate objects. One object kills more people per year than the other. One requires more stringent requirements in order to operate. One is much more readily available than the other. Yet, one is vilified more than the other. So, the question I pose to everyone is this....

WHICH IS MORE DANGEROUS, A CAR (going 30 mph) or a gun (stick with a 135gr .40 S&W, muzzle velocity of 1200 fps)? Add arguments...use physics, logic, even plain ol' emotion. HAVE FUN!

Your preaching to the choir. We all know the answer to this. You should pose this question to Obama. You know sneak into a democrate debate and plant your question like ole Hillary did. Oh maybe you better not. WE are better than that.

This has always been apples and oranges. A bullet will penetrate and damage internal organs (hopefully bringing immediate cessation to whatever activity caused the shooter to feel the need to fire) while an automobile causes blunt-force trauma which can damage or destroy whatever it impacts/runs over.

Let's review Junior High Physical Science:

F=ma ( force equal mass time acceleration )

E=.5mv^2 ( kinetic energy equals one-half time mass times velocity squared )

You can generate large numbers for automobiles easily this way but your arguments are unlikely to make sense to people because they use vehicles and are familiar with them while unfamiliarity with firearms makes it easy for people to believe the lies and half-truths they hear from media sources.

Rather than argue this subject, take a non-shooter out and show them a good time at the range. Help them to develop a positive attitude towards guns and gun ownership.

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