Where is the best place to take a concealed license class in DE?


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I live in Dover and stationed at the base. I'm beginning to research what it takes to conceal carry and have started to read up via this forum. If you all attended a class in my area or within a reasonable distance, what are your opinions about them?

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Richard, I'm stationed in Illinois (Scott AFB) and can't answer your question directly, but wanted to point you toward a great press release from Aug 2015 where your legal office and SFS addressed issues of reciprocity and residency:

Legal Concealed Carry for Military Members in the State of Delaware

If you qualify as a nonresident per the "tests" outlined in the link above, and you have (or can get) a permit from one of the 19 home states DE honors (such as FL), that may be a better option for you in the long run when you PCS to an assignment in a different state. Look here for the list:


Of course, if DE claims you then you'll need to proceed as planned. Hopefully someone will chime in with a recommendation for you.


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The place I took mine and got it all in one day was Marino Tactical just below Lincoln on Clendaniel road. Which is the first road to the right after the Lincoln traffic light. Both Kirk and Berry are excellent. I would not recommend Shooter's Choice in Dover. Takes too long and not a very friendly business. Course there take multiple nights and kind of costly.
Take it from an old Air Force Veteran, Marino's is the best. Classes weekday's and weekends both.

David Calloway

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I just took my Utah class from Kirk Marino of Marino Tactical Solutions. I was very pleased with how he ran the class and hope he teaches any other firearm courses that I want to take.


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Kirk Marino is a police officer and a US Army Reserve soldier. Who is more qualified to teach you firearms and concealed carry courses?

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