Where in AR??

Checking in from the Rogers area. Been all around from the military, but grew up in Harrison and ended up back in AR again. I like Sturms range as well. Good guys. I haven't tried the Hobbs range yet.

Since there are no posts in AR, thought I would at least get one going. Where in AR are you located? I am in the northwest part of the state up here by Fayetteville...Drakes Creek is a little community abt 30 miles south east of FYV..if you know where Elkins is located, and Huntsville, Drakes Creek is in between those two on hwy 74..I have 200 acres here and I am so far back in the woods that they have to pump day light to me, and I kinda like it that way! My nearest neighbor is a little more than a 1/4 mile away. It nice and quiet out here, no traffic noises, deer in the yard, cattle in the pasture, squrrils in the trees etc. Am lucky enough to sleep in this house with out locking the doors at night, but I fear that may change. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I can do it, many I know can't.

So if your'e from Arkansas, whereabouts are ya? Lets get this forum going.
i'm in Desha just sout of Batesville off hwy.25 going to Heber springs in NE Arkansas. hoydy from NE Arkansas Brother.:pleasantry:
NWA near Rogers

Hello fellow Arkansans. I reside in NWA near Rogers and shoot at Hobbs State Park or Sturms when I have the time.

I encourage others to write to remove weapons free zones from places like the Jones Center and City of Bentonville, Parks. I also write our State Representatives to write legislation to lessen the prohibited places.
Hello from SW AR Im just outside Ashdown 16 mi north of Texarkana thats when im home Im a truck driver and spend around 350 days a year on the road

Jonesboro/Brookland area in the NE of AR. If your in the area, give me a shout. Been an instructor here for 9 years and love to SHOOT!
Scott Vaughn
hey guys im kinda new to this site, but im in north central(mt.home,area),we have a few little small time gun ranges not much but still fun too shoot......:pleasantry:
Another Rogers Resident

Hi all,
Been calling Rogers my home for 35 years now. I usually go to the Hobbs Public Range to pratice. But since I have recently bought my wife a Ruger LCR and she is going with me on a regular basis I think when it gets too cold or wet for her I will take her to either Sturms indoor to the one in Tontitown. I hope to get her into a CHCL class by years end.
I live in the boonies south of Whiterock Mtn. Just roll down the windows and listen for gunfire. That'll be me.

Does anyone in the NWA are remember the 'informal' gun range that was located near Lake Weddington? I used to shoot there all the time when I was in college. It was just a clearing with a couple of dirt berms.
Howdy from Farmington

Just checking' in with the neighbors. I go to Sturm's and Ozark Sportsman often. Sturm's has a Tuesday IDPA League that's only $5 a week with targets provided

Lowell in NWA for about 10 yrs now. I use Hobbs and Bella Vista.

Let's go spread some lead!
another from Cabot

Cabot, Arkansas here

Hey spdracr,I'm from Cabot too. My family moved here 4 years ago from the DFW area. We live on 10 rural acres near Bayou Meto so we usually shoot at home but have seen JD at cabot guns and ammo once. He and his staff are terrific and seem to treat customers very well. They have a gun/ammo/accessory store with a 4-lane indoor range! Great setup as they rent any of their used guns for $5 plus ammo cost. Try them out if you haven't yet.

I like my kel-tec 3AT as my belief is if its too large or heavy to carry easily, then I will wind up leaving it at home. My wife has the kel-tec .32 but needs to upgrade to the .380. She could have mine if I were to get something larger.

Oh, it's not for cc, but I just ordered a raging bull .44 magnum online. Cant wait to shoot it at Cabot guns and ammo. Sorry for the long post, but it's my first...
Figured the AR room would be as good a place as any for my first post! Conway here, with my folks in Searcy and in-laws in Paragould.

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