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Since there are no posts in AR, thought I would at least get one going. Where in AR are you located? I am in the northwest part of the state up here by Fayetteville...Drakes Creek is a little community abt 30 miles south east of FYV..if you know where Elkins is located, and Huntsville, Drakes Creek is in between those two on hwy 74..I have 200 acres here and I am so far back in the woods that they have to pump day light to me, and I kinda like it that way! My nearest neighbor is a little more than a 1/4 mile away. It nice and quiet out here, no traffic noises, deer in the yard, cattle in the pasture, squrrils in the trees etc. Am lucky enough to sleep in this house with out locking the doors at night, but I fear that may change. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I can do it, many I know can't.

So if your'e from Arkansas, whereabouts are ya? Lets get this forum going.

well I'm straight south of you, just about 10 miles north of I-40, up on the mountain. we (my wife & I) liveback in the boonies, but that's where we want to be. go out the front or back door and shoot all you want. all kinds of wildlife, deers, bears, wild hogs almost anything.

lived here about 10 years raising turkeys for Butterball, we got a BBQ place close by and a Steak house a little further down the road.

life is good in Arkansas
You must be over on the Pig Trail around Cass...know it well..just like you, I can step outside the door and shoot as much as I can or want. I would like to get me a big bale of something, to use as a backstop..perhaps a round bale..they are cheap and I suspect it would sure slow down a round or two. Have a hillside to use behind the bale. Perhaps one of these days (weekend) we can meet in Ozark for some food and drink and discuss the weather and shootin!
we're just east of Cass and on the south side of the Mulberry, about half way between Cass and Oark.

I kinda think you may one of my closest neighbors to the North:) there's very little between you and me, except forrest.

Have you tried the BBQ down at Ozark, it is good, we go down there quite often,
we'll have to try it sometime.
Greetings Tye..I frequent you area as it isn't that far from me, abt 45-50 miles. Frequent Pig Trail HD and D&D Custom MC..and other places up there..I use the Ozark Sportsman's shooting range once in a while in Springdale/tontitown..nice range..so where do you go to shoot?

As for BBQ in Ozark, been there several times..good place to feast..we will usually ride the bikes down and fill up..I understand the owners are getting ready to shut it down tho and move up here towards Huntsville as they bought property out on hwy 74..sure would hate to see the BBQ shack shut down..wonder if a local down there would offer to keep it going? We sure like the place!
There is a free range that is out 12 towards Beaver lake. If you follow the signs to War Eagle Mill, you will drive right past it. It is right after the turn off for 303, on your right in the Hobbs wildlife management area. That's where I usually go even though it is really designed as a rifle range, with the closest target stand being 25 yards. Most of the people out there shooting are using handguns. The month before hunting season starts then lots of people bring their rifles out to make sure they can still shoot them. (Put me in that group too I guess, I probably fire 5 rounds a year out of my 30.06, 6 rounds if I get my dear during the rifle season). I shoot about 100 times as many arrows in preparation of bow season. :)

There are advantages and disadvantages to the free/umnonitored range. The advantage is it's free and I can take my kids let them shoot till they get bored (which could be 1 round or 1000) and all it costs me is ammo. Sometimes there is nobody there but us, then we can take off our hearing protection and dry fire practice, teach, etc. more effectively. The disadvantage is everyone has to look out for everyone else.

Had one time that a guy had been out there by himself for over an hour when I got there and he was having a real bad time sighting in his rifle. Wasn't even on paper and no idea which direction he was off. He had gotten to the point that he shot once, walked up to check, made an adjustment, shot again, walked up, repeat. Since nobody was there he could do it. I had him take the bolt out of his rifle and I sighted down the bore to get it about centered and then had him adjust the sight that way. That got him on paper at least, but by this point 3 or 4 more guys had shown up so every spot is full. I went over to get ready to shoot again and he started shooting. What must have been just out of a habit he had formed, I watched him shoot one shot, get up, and start walking down to the target, while the rest of us were still firing. Several of us noticed and hollered for a cease fire and then watched him go all the way up to his target and walk back. On his way back he looks up to see all of us looking at him, and that was the point that he realized what he had done! He packed up and left out of embarrassment.

I don't think that this guy was generally unsafe. When I talked to him he was intelligent and knew how to handle a gun safely. I like to think I could never have made the same mistake but I think most people could. It was a combination of fatigue and allowing a bad habit (not looking around before going downrange) to creep in when he was alone at the range for that period of time. Since then, even when I'm alone I will holler out my intentions and look around before I start firing or go downrange.
Hi guys,

I'm in Fayetteville, the center of civilization and sophistication in arkansas... :rolleyes:

I visit Hobbes park range, as often as I can get down there. Usually take my AK to shoot, and maybe now that I've had some training I'll be able to consistently hit the target at 25 yards. :cool:

I've always found that most of the folks have good safety habits, although I have heard anecdotes about jokers out there. If you see young men out there and they don't seem disciplined and serious in how they carry themselves, you might want to be extra careful because those are the ones that tend to Get Stupid. I've never seen anything that made me want to leave though. It sure is a beautiful range. Once deer season gets near though, you'll want to visit early on weekdays. The weekends, forget it.

In fact, I'll probably be up there friday morning. Still sighting in a red dot.
Hey guys, I just set up a guest map at :
Link Removed

If you want to you can add yourself to the map. Mine is the geek with glasses on top of fayetteville.
Yet another gun nut from the "Civilized" :pleasantry: part of Arkansas. I'm in the Rogers/Bentonville area too. I've been looking for a good battle rifle to add to my tiny collection, but prices around here are suffering from Obamitis. :<

I live in Springdale. I have yet to visit the range at Hobbs State Park. I frequent Sturms indoor range or the range at Ozark's Sportsman's Supply in Tontitown. Both are nice ranges. There are regular IDPA, USPSA, ICORE, Silhouette and Action Rimfire events at them. The range in Tontitown has handgun and rifle ranges.

Have a great day!

Even though I'm from North of the border from y'all, I put my marker in there anyhow... Just to say Hiya :pleasantry:
I'm here in Maumelle. Only been to The Shooter's Gallery (indoor range in North Little Rock) and the Dr. James E. Moore Firing Range (outdoor and run by the AGFC). Can't put my location on the map, tho, as I'm on my phone and it doesn't like that site for some reason.
Hey Guys Im new here this is 1st post im way south of ya just north of Texarkana out in the woods I have a short 30yard range just out side my gun cave:sarcastic:
DrLewall! Well look who I found around on the internet! That's funny.

Hey yall in Arkansas. I'm Ray. I live in Three Creeks, AR right now. I used to live in NWA (9 years) and Fort Smith (1 year) and now I'm down here & loving it. Our family came from this area so it is nice to be back where it all began.

I just finished my conceal weapon class and am sending in the paperwork tomorrow. My wife got me the class and a glock 23 compensated for my birthday. Yea, she's the best.

I look forward to seeing yall around. I'm sure I will have a bunch of noob questions.

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