Where do you practice?


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How many good public/private ranges have we got in this state? Do you practice on public lands? Got a great place to go shooting?

We're in the Clovis area, and there's a nice new range north of town (Patriot Outdoors) that we joined. They offer a variety of classes including the SigArms Academy stuff. Otherwise it's all ranchland in our immediate area, so we've got no public lands to play on.

Ohh my god there is another person in Alamo??? LoL

I am not so sure about the Cannon area but if it is anything like down here there is a LOT of BLM land out there. I would look for a BLM map and find yourself an open area and go shoot.

You should definitely check out your local range and see if they have IPSC, USPSA, or IDPA matches. I compete somewhat regularly and it is the best practice you can ever do. I cant really sit there and just shoot on a line, I get bored WAY too easy but the matches are so much fun and you really get to see what you are made of.

Motojoe PM me, maybe we can go shooting.
I usually go out my back door onto my deck next to my swimming pool. For longer range stuff I go out another 100 yards or so into one of my pastures.
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Must be nice, what part of TX you in?
North of Houston about 50 miles. Right about here... :)

Place to shoot

Living right outside of El Paso, TX, I shoot at the Ft. Bliss Rod & Gun Club.
Great shooting ranges with a great club house where you can get something
to eat (on weekends), or your favorite beverage after shooting.

Sometimes I go to the Las Cruces Municipal range, but the problem with it is
that it is unattended and way the heck out in the middle of nowhere. It is
best to go there with one or more friends, I think. It would be great if the
city would hire a range master to attend the place whenever it is open.

I forgot to add that I have shot at the Alamogordo, New Mexico range and
enjoyed it. Just no place to go inside and cool off in the summer or warm up
in the winter. The range office is just a small shack with no room for anyone
to sit around and shoot the bull after shooting targets.:cool:

However, it is attended full time, which is far superior to the Las Cruces
range. :)
where to practice

BLM - it's ours, it's open, it's accessable (if it isn't raining or snowing), it's safe. Many (most?) states just do not have the open public land that NM is blessed with, a fact that I really appreciate, having moved here years ago from the Great NW, where it is a public or private range, or nothing.
I practice in my back 40 down in the hollow within site of my pond. When I get down practicing I go fishing.

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