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1.) Selling a gun
2.) Buying a gun
3.) Shooting range
4.) CFP course

So, I'm here getting some information so I can go and take the CFP course. It's been 3 years I've been in Vegas and it's about time already. There's a couple things I need to do first though. I want to sell off my HK USP .40 and get another glock instead. I was never much of a good shot with the USP, and need something I know I shoot well. I want to get the new one before the course so I can qualify with both together. I also need to get some range time in, so I need to find a good place to shoot.

For selling my USP, is there anywhere in town that will give me a decent trade in value? What's the ideal way to sell a gun so I can the best deal? I also want to buy a new glock, somewhere good to buy a gun? I bought one from Discount Firearms when I first moved to town, any other recommendations?

Living in the northwest, where is a good place to shoot. I'd like to take a membership somewhere not too far that is recommended. I went to The Gun Store once a long time ago, I was scared for my life. Saw people who didn't know a thing about firearms getting a gun and box of ammo just handed over no questions asked. Frightening. Shot at American shooters a few times, seemed like a nice place, I enjoyed it. Is there anywhere else good to go regularly?

And finally, is the CFP course pretty much the same deal no matter where you go? Any advantage to going somewhere in particular?

I think that's what I need to know....for now. I appreciate any recommendations.


1.) Selling a gun
Craigslist, Nifty Nickel or Cal-Nev classifieds (our free weekly papers). You also can list it on an online site.

2.) Buying a gun
I go through Internet sites (auctionarms, gunbroker or gunsamerica) and have it shipped to a local FFL close by me. I never buy from a local dealer unless they have what I want in stock at a very good price. I also have two alternative FFLs I have just in case my primary isn't available. Firearmslocator.com is a new site. They did have a booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville earlier this month. I can't comment on that site because I have not used them yet.

3.) Shooting range
I'm a regular member of American Shooters. I frequent the Henderson location as it's within 10 minutes of my residence as I live in Green Valley. I only go to Arville if I need to use the rifle range. The Clark County Shooting Park should be opening up soon which is near by 215 and the far north end of Decatur Blvd. However with the cost of gas, my annual membership at American Shooters to go all I want greatly under shadows current fuel prices to go to the shooting park from where I work and reside in the Vegas Valley.

4.) CFP course
The Link Removed has the best price to take the class and qualify with a single firearm. After doing that, find another NV CFP instructor to add the additional firearms you want that does a per session qualification. Keep in mind that you cannot add firearms to your initial or renewal NV CFP until it has been issued through LVMPD.

The Gun Store is pretty steep when it comes to qualifying for more than one firearm as they have a lead free range at $25 per additional firearm qualification. The instructors at the Gun Store are also UT certified so you can get your UT CFP too. I'll be offering add on qualifications on a per session basis after I've been blessed by the LVMPD CCW Detail to teach the class.
As for buying and selling, I'd also recommend Gunbroker.com. The Gun Store does a great job in teaching the CCW class. As for the qualifying, I guess it's gone up from the $20 per additional gun that I paid last year, but they do provide the ammo.
I also live in Green Valley and belong to the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club out in Boulder City. Cost is $100 first year and $50 every year there after. I used to shoot at American but they got greedy with the membership by raising is to $350 per year--DUMMIES! Anyway it is much healthier shooting outdoors and the BRPC always has a lot of fun and interesting things going on.
Ouch! I'm in the northwest, so Boulder City seems kind of far. I think it would be like a chore driving out there. Sounds like fun for sure, but maybe not a good weekly place to hop in to get some rounds off real fast. Can't believe amercan shooters is $350! That is just too much considering I will hardly ever rent guns.
Unfortunately yes...

Everything has gone up. I prefer an indoor range because I can go shooting regardless of the weather conditions plus it's closer so you have to factor in the gas prices. If you go regularly to the range, $350 isn't bad. I go twice a week. It's $8 for the pistol range per session. I normally go twice a week, so do the math, it would be $832 annually.
I think I would probably go once a week, occasionally less, occasionally more. I estimate it would be a wash to pay the $350, but maybe I'll go check it out today and see when I get there.
Just did more math. It comes to 6 bucks a week. That's really not that big a deal. I'm gonna go check it out this morning, I have a bit of time!

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