Where did your user name come from?


I find it very interesting, as I know most of you will, to hear the story about how your username came about. Mine is my call sign at work. None of us here have a clue what the LS actually stands for. So what is the story behind yours?

The name I go by, my middle name, is Cathy, and my predominant color in clothing, decorating, and eventually, my car, is blue. Hence, Cathy In Blue.

My car is a retired police cruiser. This yeilds some to think I mean to imply that I'm a police officer (in blue). Nope. I'm far too naïve to ever survive putting in time as a beat cop.
It is my cc weapon

I neglected to mention that I also carry a Glock along with my HK. But once in a while if I feel the need I may also have a Sig or Walther with me. However I thought the name HK,Glock,Sig,Walther4u might be a little long.:biggrin:
Mine comes from my job in the Air Force. I was a Combat Arms Instructor and we wore Red Hats with CATM stenciled in front. Hence My name Red Hat.
Mine is the translation of my family name from German, according to my dad's aunt.
Mine is the first letter in my first name, the first 4 letters of my last name and the number 33 is a smashing pumpkins song... its also my only username on everything and the first part of my email.
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In Army AIT, I bunked with two guys that were from the far notheast, one was from nebraska and they all said I talked like Huckleberry Hound. So that became my name in the Army...and here.:yu:
Military nickname

My commander at Holloman in 1990 tagged me as festus...been that way ever since.
mine just came from making up names to put on the screen when my friends and I went bowling. one day I put Scarecrow and liked it better than the rest of the names I put before.. so it just kinda stuck.
DocBoCook. Doc (I was a corpsman in the navy, doc is what they called me) Bo is what the Arkansas boy I bunked with called me. Cook is my last name
Mine goes back to my highschool days. I use it for all my user names. When we played NHL hockey or Madden Football, we used to fire the players and replace them with "ourselves". I was always 43. "Timmer" was/is my nickname. The "U" in front stands for uncle (Uncle Timmer).

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